March 22, 2017

Searching for value, variety and excitement in wine? Look to Italy — or so says Daniele Cernilli.

He is the author of "The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine 2017," and a longtime champion of the wines of his native country. The Roman was one of the founding editors of Gambero Rosso, the leading…

If you think you don't like lima beans, these recipes may win you over

March 22, 2017

We all have those foods we turn to, without elaborate planning or complex execution, when we want to feel taken care of. We don’t worry that they won’t turn out, because they always do. Time and time again, they fill us with warmth. For me, it is a pot of lima beans.

Whether you find…

Kolasa: Morning sickness

March 22, 2017

Q My daughter is having terrible morning sickness. She doesn’t want to take medicine. Will natural supplements, foods or drink help? — R.R.K., Greenville

A By the time you read this, I hope your daughter has gotten over her morning sickness. Most women feel better by…

Hax: Putting an end to unwanted political emails from family member

March 22, 2017

Q My father’s wife sends several political emails a day to her bcc’d distribution list. I’m on that list. She knows we are not like-minded politically, and I told her I do not discuss politics the first time she brought the subject up.

She tells my father he is failing in his…