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Hot Dish: Popeye’s coming to Greenville

By Jane Welborn Hudson

The Daily Reflector

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A Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is expected to open in Greenville in late June or early July, according to a company spokeswoman.

Interior alterations have begun on the new restaurant, the former Taco Bell at 649 S. Memorial Drive. The Taco Bell was closed when a new location was built at 1991 Stantonsburg Road; that location is just a block from the former location and has an entrance from Memorial Drive.

Popeyes' Communication Coordinator Kelsey Schmitt said the franchisee for the Greenville location is Alvin Rucker.

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About freaking time!

For years it has just amazed me the with everything Greenville has to offer we did not have a popeyes. For those who never had popeyes or are loyal to bojangles/kfc give them a try and you will be hooked! The chicken is spicy (they have traditional too, don't fret) fresh and juicy, the sides are pretty good too, and that biscuit will melt in your mouth. What's even better is I work at the hospital and now I have my favorite fast food across the street as a dinner option! Sure beats driving to Tarboro once in a blue moon for a real treat. Now all we need is a Dairy Queen and all will be right in the world.


Best chicken and biscuits I ever had when I was younger living in D.C. Sorry Bojangles..you don't come close.

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Bless your heart