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‘Little Boy’ shows faith moving mountains

Faith-based movies follow a pattern — they’re well-meant, with straightforward production values and a generally sentimental tone.

  • Movie Capsules April 24

    Capsules of movies playing at local theaters.

  • Good idea, weak execution in 'Adaline'

    A promising idea is at the heart of “The Age of Adaline,” but no one connected with the movie seems willing to explore it: What would happen if a woman stopped aging — if she were over 100 years old but didn’t look a day over 30?

  • ‘Child 44’ feels like 40 movies

    The best-selling novel “Child 44” by Tom Rob Smith runs well over 400 pages, and that’s perhaps the first hint as to why the movie based on it seems to veer in 40 different directions.

  • Movie capsules April 17

    Capsules of movies playing at local theaters.

  • ‘The Longest Ride’ tells 2 love stories

    Ever since “The Notebook” made moviegoers swoon in 2004, Nicholas Sparks’ name has been synonymous with teary-eyed romance.

Film studies at ECU

Are you interested in studying film? See what East Carolina University offers in this area.

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