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The haunted Alpha Omicron Pi sorority house. (Web photo)
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The haunted Alpha Omicron Pi sorority house. (Web photo)

Trick or truth? Greenville ghost stories

By Lynsey Horn

The Daily Reflector

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Eastern North Carolina is full of ghost stories and legends of hauntings, and Greenville is no exception. From Confederate soldiers wandering the halls of East Carolina University dorms to spirits of suicide victims who still linger in their former homes, there is no shortage of spooky stories and sightings in this town.

Local historian Roger Kammerer is the go-to guy for all things ghostly in Greenville. He took some time to clue The Daily Reflector in on some of the spookiest local stories. Here are a few that might just send tingles down the spine.

The Haunted Corner

The corner of 10th Street and Charles Boulevard where Krispy Kreme now stands was once a graveyard for Confederate soldiers. Many years after the Civil War when that corner was first being developed, 14 bodies were moved to Cherry Hill Cemetery. Some believed that not all the bodies were removed before construction began.

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truth about ghosts

There's no such thing as a disembodied human spirit going around haunting living people. If you see such a spirit, it's a fallen angel, a lying demon, doing an impersonation. The first lie Satan ever told a human being was, "Ye shall not surely die..." Genesis 3:4. And people have been believing that in one form or another ever since. Find out what really happens when people die, according to the Bible, at http://www.truthaboutdeath.com/

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