May 27, 2017 - 5 minutes ago

Man at the Vet’s office: “Doctor, my dog doesn’t have a nose!”

Vet: “Goodness! How does he smell?”

Man: “Terrible!”

I love that old gag, and so do my students. I tell it as often as I can get away with it, invariably when I am trying to get across to…

Aurora Fossil Festival

May 26, 2017

Memorial Day weekend is about cookouts and beach trips for many people, but in Aurora, it’s all about fossils. 

The town, about an hour southeast of Greenville, is Fossil Town USA, after all. And this weekend is one of its biggest of the year, with the annual Aurora Fossil Festival…

Go! Guide May 26

May 26, 2017


Fossil festival

The 24th annual Aurora Fossil Festival will be held today through Sunday on Main Street in Aurora. Events begin at 6 p.m. today with opening ceremonies, followed by the fossil pageant and live music. A fossil 5K run will begin at 8 a.m. Saturday, and festival activities open…

How to respond to a kind, but unwelcome, gesture

May 26, 2017

Q If someone does something nice for you but it turned out to be more of a hassle or you didn’t appreciate the gesture, how do you politely tell them that you truly wish they hadn’t? For example, someone gave you some chocolates or cupcakes when you are trying to lose weight. Or…