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You know you're a Pirate when...


Mackenzie Tewksbury

Thursday, February 1, 2018

It’s no secret that Pirate Nation breeds a culture entirely of it’s own — one of early mornings at the Student Pirate Club lot dressed in purple, late nights at Sup Dogs and forcing yourself to go to Joyner library. They say there’s no place like home, but there’s really no place like Greenville, North Carolina. 

And if you are a Pirate, you know there are certain things that make us who we are. The “argh” tattoo on my ankle and my dog named Ficklen make it impossible for me to hide my Pirate pride, and I’ve sat down with fellow Pirates, both new and old, and asked them what they think makes Pirate Nation so incomparable to others. 

“You use the Christy’s Euro Pub special to remind you what day of the week it is.” 

-Paul Safrit, senior business major 

“You find yourself shoving handfuls of bacon cheese fries in your face at 2:30 a.m.” 

-Matt Austin, alumni, class of 2016 

 “The most fulfilling meals are a Sunday brunch at Christy’s.” 

-Niven Burleson, alumni, class of 2016

 “You’re still mad they opened a Sup Dogs in Chapel Hill.” 

-Maria Espinosa, class of 2017, communications graduate student 

 “You can wake up at 8 a.m. to tailgate but not for class.”

-Paige Tolerton, alumni, class of 2017

“You can lose a game, but you’ll never lose the tailgate.”
-Lindsay Fink, senior business major