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Q&A with The Out Of Limits

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Mackenzie Tewksbury

Thursday, March 1, 2018

We sat down with The Out of Limits, a fun, local and quirky surf-rock band, to talk about their music. You can catch them wearing aluminum foil hats and glow in the dark accessories at Trollingwood Taproom and Brewery on March 23 to celebrate Spazz Fest IV! 

Q:  What is "The Out of Limits?"

A: A verbal expression that cannot be understood merely by knowing the individual meanings of its elements. It’s almost an anacoluthon, but not exactly. It might be best described as a misworded, logomachical morpheme. By sheer convergence of random variables, it experiences a phonetic reciprocity with the title of a television series whose popularity (and daring honesty about the hostile alien forces that were seizing control of the entertainment industry) inspired several instrumental rock bands of the 1960s to perform and record variations of its theme song.

Oh, and it’s the name of our band, as well. The extent to which there exists any frequentist inference tethering our adoption of said name to the aforementioned instrumental rock bands of the 1960s is debatable, but only if framed in concordance with complex juxtapositions of Dempster-Shafer theory and Bayesian probability. That’s a gross oversimplification, but we hope your readers will forgive us our reverence for succinct elucidation.

Q: Who are you guys? Where are you from?

A: Answering either of those questions with any degree of veracity would necessarily undermine the function of our collective association. Our individual identities become increasingly difficult to particularize in corroborative terms, and as the deterioration of spatial applicability continues to accelerate, the conceit of location has become inimical to a robust, aggregate cognizance.

Q: What do your outfits mean?

A: That we are, as the kids say, “woke AF”. When not in close proximity of loud, fast instrumental rock music, we recommend that all fellow humans who seek to preserve some infinitesimal modicum of independence from our shadowy alien overlords wear protective gear. In order of effectiveness from least protective to most, headgear options are: Tinfoil > Aluminum Foil > Colander.

Q: How did your band begin? When did it start?

A: As anatomists of the synchronistic interdependence of absolute simultaneity and the ontological infallibility of eternalistic unitary elements, we find it increasingly difficult, perhaps even wearyingly offensive, to be asked to accommodate chrononormative queries such as these, the resulting explication of which would by necessity be the conformal and hieratical equivalent of the black hole information paradox. That we simply are is the safest and most honest answer we can provide at this time.

Q: What do you guys believe?

A: We do not believe. Neither do we know. We do our best to discern the reality, or absence thereof, in which we find ourselves, by means of a methodical application of determining that which evidence supports, and that which evidence does not. As of this moment, evidence most strongly supports three conditions which come closest to achieving the human fiction that is fact: 1) The Earth is simultaneously flat and hollow; 2) The Anunaki Reptilians control, manipulate, and manufacture nearly every facet of human existence, with the Earth’s “moon” being their mothership; 3) Music containing vocals is the Anunaki’s primary means of mind control.

Q: What kind of music do you play?

A: Our music closely resembles a form of instrumental rock and roll developed in the mid-20th century in response to the infiltration of the music industry by the Reptillians and their human slaves. Often labeled “surf music” or “surf rock,” its characteristic twangy, reverb-drenched guitars and danceable, high energy rhythms in fact had little to do with aesthetic considerations, and were in fact meticulously researched and actualized as an effective means of encrypting the minds of both musician and listener from external intrusion.

Q: What does the public need to know about ya'll?

A: That we will be playing Friday, March 23rd at Trollingwood Taproom & Brewery as part of SPAZZFEST IX.