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The Freeway Revival is familiar yet fresh


Mackenzie Tewksbury

Monday, April 16, 2018

 It’ll sound like Allman, Garcia or Dylan, but with slices of individuality that give The Freeway Revival its unmistakable soul. 

The Freeway Revival, a five-part roots rock band from Asheville, will bring funky keyboard solos, electrifying guitar licks and smooth vocal harmonies to Crossbones Tavern for the first time Friday.  The band, made up of Adam and Jonathon Clayton, Tim Husk, Kenny Crowley and Cartwright Brandon, likely won’t have a hard time fitting in at Crossbones as they bring a fusion of psychedelic funk, roots rock and roll and bluegrass to the stage.

“We do an array of things live,” guitarist Husk said. “Soul and rock and funk.” 

The group has seemingly mastered the craft of creating a sound that’s fresh but at the same time familiar —  perhaps because of a love for music and time spent with old vinyl. 

“We all grew up listening to our folks records,” Husk said. 

The music is energetic, soulful and born from the spirit of the road. Husk said his group uses musical influences from classics like The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, The Band, Bob Dylan or Crosby Stills and Nash, but with their own unique flair, transforming their sound from simply a replica of the past to a creative blend of old and new. 

“It’s our own kind of thing. Same type of vibe, but our own music,” Husk said. 

And, it all started with two brothers, Jonathon and Adam Clayton,  and an ad from Craig’s List. 

“They lived up the street... I just walked up there and starting jamming with them,” Husk said.  It all just worked out.” 

Husk said Jonathon and Adam were touring across out west and in Europe under the same name, but posted an ad on Craig’s List. Husk was fresh out of college, and thought he’d give it a shot. Now, the once strangers each play a pivotal role in the band’s sound and brand — one that’s evolving with each show,  each experience and each road trip — encapsulating their motto, “Live the Freeway.”   

“The revival, it’s more about traveling and getting out there and promoting music and love,” Husk said. 

“We want to bring people together, get everyone on the same page, just making the world go around.”

The Freeway Revival tours all around the region with bands like Big Something, Groove Fetish and Dr. Bacon; bands that are no stranger to the stage of Crossbones Tavern. Husk said they’re gearing up for good vibes and a late night — those similar to the ones they’re used to in their hometown of Asheville. 

‘It’s 2:05 a.m., I don’t know if we’re supposed to stop, but we’re going keep going until they kick us all out,” Husk laughed. 

The Freeway Revival performs at 9 p.m. Friday at Crossbones Tavern. This is a free show.