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Ankita Mishra, 21

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Job: Student, Chemistry Tutor at Pitt Community

Major: Public Health, Pre-Medicine. Certificate in Global Understanding.

Within my college community, I have worked throughout my four years at East Carolina University to create a more inclusive environment that fosters diversity. I am the president and founder of No Lost Generation at ECU, a group that aims to help refugees locally and abroad. As the Directory for Equity and Intercultural Engagement in Student Government Association, I drafted and passed legislation to create a preferred name option within the Banner System and a resolution to educate the ECU community about and endorse the use of gender-neutral language. These pieces of legislation were aimed to benefit the LGBTQ+ and international student population at ECU. Additionally, as Director, I spearheaded the planning, implementation, and evaluation of ECU’s first Introduction to Global Competence Workshop to engage students in global thinking.

Why do you do it: During the second semester of sophomore year, I studied abroad in the Netherlands and spent time volunteering at a refugee camp that housed families from Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

In spite of a major language barrier, I connected with the individuals at the camp and the shared humanity that I discovered inspired me greatly. This experience led me to create a refugee help group at ECU and continue to serve individuals in my community. I found my voice and courage through helping others and became devoted to promote acceptance in any capacity that I am able to. I feel extremely fortunate for these experiences that allow me to interact with people unlike myself, and I believe it is my civic responsibility to share the knowledge I've gained from these interactions to educate others.