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Dylan Ritch, 24

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Job: Earlier last year I worked as the first children’s programming director and the Arts of the Pamlico in Washington, NC. Now I am currently the first elementary theatre teacher of Pitt County at Wahl-Coates, school of the arts.

Major: My major when I was in school was Theatre For Youth from ECU.

I work with young people in Beaufort and Pitt County using the art form of theatre. I use theatre to inspire self-confidence, critical thinking, and social skills. Whether it is performing or working on the tech that goes into putting on a production I access theatre’s ability to make an impact on young people by providing them a safe and exhilarating place to be creative and work collaboratively.

Why do I do it?: I teach and direct theatre for children because of how fulfilling it is. I’m inspired by my students every day. It takes a tremendous amount of confidence to take the stage and ask the world to watch and judge what you do. Helping build that confidence and acceptance of one’s self gives me hope that more children will grow up loving who they are and others for who they are. I also really enjoy it! I have fun being creative like any other theatre artist while being able to work with young minds and their creativity.

Passions: I am very passionate about the arts. I also enjoy language and history. I think one of my biggest passions is traveling and I wish I got to do more of it. I’m an avid reader, hiker, kayaker, and enjoy playing music and composing in my free time. Lastly, I am passionate about children with special needs. I work with them in my current job and it’s one of my favorite things about my job.

Why is what I do impactful: I have watched children grow so much in class. While working at the Turnage I was able to interact with an entire community of children and give those young artists a place that according to them, “Feels more like home than my actual home.” With my special needs students, I see them becoming more independent and using theatre movement and voice techniques to overcome some of their challenges. I find that amazing and hope that what I teach them in class will stay with them so they feel confident communicating with the people around them.