BYH-I am so tired of going to stores at University Commons and having someone come to me in the parking lot to ask for...

Nicole Caballero, 20


Mackenzie Tewksbury

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Job: Barista/Server @ The Scullery, Full Time Student

Major, (if in school): Psychology

Minor: Drug & Alcohol Abuse Studies

Other than being a part time waitress at The Scullery, I work with an amazing non-profit She’s the First. She’s the First fundraises money by selling cupcakes, having percentage nights, and donations at other local events, to completely sponsor girls in developing nations to be the first girl in their family to go to school. I hold the position GAP chair- GAP stands for global understanding program, I make presentations on current issues women are facing locally and globally to discuss at biweekly discussions.

Why: To be a Latina woman and to be a first-generation student I felt so inspired by these girls fighting wars just to prove their worth as a human, to get an education. I cannot be a global activist but I am being a local one, I love educating others and giving them power in their voices.

What are some things you are passionate about: I am passionate about reading, feminism, boxing, and Gordon Ramsey. 

Why you think what you do is impactful/important: STF is all about the girls, this past year we sponsored 6 girls! Each scholar costs $400 to fully cover the years school fees. That’s amazing!