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Appeals court vacates school decision

By Jackie Drake

The Daily Reflector

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A federal appeals court said that Pitt County Schools needs to more actively counter the vestiges of segregation when setting school attendance boundaries.

The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling Monday vacating a decision by the district court allowing the school system to implement a boundary plan with demographically imbalanced schools in favor of sending students to a nearby campus.

Three judges issued a split opinion with the majority ordering the matter be sent back to the federal Eastern District Court of North Carolina, located in Greenville, where the school desegregation case has been ongoing since it was reactivated in 2008.

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Pitt County Coalition for Educating Black Children

why are they only concerned with educating "black" children, what about the others? why not let them make the rules. maybe that will make them happy and save the taxpayers attorney fees. that is the only way they will be happy, well, probably not.

Tired of it having come from the 60's and taught in 70's

This is so 60's it makes me want to puke. I taught in a distressed school system in the 70's and was told I had to list how many whites and blacks. Guess what? As a band director I said I really have to think twice, cause I see flutist, clarinetist, trumpeter, percussionists, low brass player. I personally had to think twice and three times of their race. Isn't it sad we are now still looking at race, when I saw individuals. Still do even though left teaching years ago. Each indivual is a person with much to contribute, and not a race. My God I am so glad I got out of the education world even though I loved it and my students, but will tell you I never looked at race or color just a genuine human being who had much to contribute both to the program and society and each had their own wonderful personalities. This is so sad, and pathetic.

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Bless your heart