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Guns on campus bill moves to Senate

By Katherine Ayers

The Daily Reflector

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A bill that would allow guns on college campuses provided they are kept in a locked vehicle passed its third reading in the state House on Tuesday and now will be sent to the Senate for consideration.

House Bill 937, co-sponsored by Reps. Brian Brown, R-Pitt, and Susan Martin, R-Wilson, would allow people with a valid concealed handgun permit to keep a handgun “in a locked compartment in a vehicle on the premises of a community college or public or private university.”

Martin said the legislation is an effort to protect those who abide by gun laws.

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Shameless Pandering to the NRA

Rep. Martin and Brown: Your checks must be in the mail. This is disgusting and will put thousands of students in danger. Personally, I will not frequent any establishment that allows its patrons to be armed. I will simply call before hand. My contempt for the gun lobby and its flunkies like "army nurse" has reached a new level. They have the blood of gun victims on their hands. I want absolutely nothing to do with such people.


Just wait for it. The hysteria will be amazing. It already is on campus at ECU. The "Big Boss" at ECU is even using his office outlook account to rile up the faculty! And there must be 15 emails from "Straw Boss" faculty crying the blues as well. Expect the Daily Reflector to write an anti gun rant soon. And the liberal radio stations are wetting their pants, and fanning the flames among our more liberal students that there will be blood in the streets. Wanna bet that we see ZERO increase in violent crime due to this? I assert this for the following reasons: 1. The "kids" who will be carrying won't be carrying in bookbags. The guns will be in safes, in the car trunk. That's a double locking system--darn near foolproof. 2. The "kids" who CCW will have passed a rigorous background check, and will have a clean criminal record. These are not the "unstable" crowd that are smoking weed in the trendy college apartments across town. The thugs on and off campus have always carried their guns, including the guy who assaulted one of our coeds a few years back. Then there was the brave coed who had to kick her gun-wielding attacker in order to escape. Good for her! So much for the ability for the campus police to safeguard our coeds, huh?


Armynurse called it. I hate it when people are so dead set on restricting other peoples rights. Title could have been "crusader=fanatic." If crusader and company stay away, thats more room, quicker service, and a much safer environment for the rest of us law abiding citizens.

great news

Another move in the right direction.

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