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Students walk on campus in between classes at East Carolina University on Tuesday, April 9, 2013.   (Aileen Devlin/ The Daily  Reflector)
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Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflecto

Students walk on campus in between classes at East Carolina University on Tuesday, April 9, 2013. (Aileen Devlin/ The Daily Reflector)

Bill would limit where students vote

By Katherine Ayers

The Daily Reflector

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A bill being debated in the N.C. Senate would require in-state university students to either vote using their permanent addresses or force their parents to lose the student as an exemption on the parents’ state taxes.

Senate Bill 667, called the “Equalize Voter Rights” bill, means that East Carolina University students can no longer use their local addresses to vote if their parents want to continue to claim them as state tax exemptions. According to the bill’s text, students must cancel their local voter registrations within 30 days of receiving notification from the Pitt County Board of Elections and re-register using their parents’ addresses.

The bill also requires that if a voter owns a motor vehicle, it must be registered at the same address as the voting address within 60 days. The vehicle also shall be subject to local property tax in the jurisdiction it is registered.

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I'm saying

that voting is a privilege granted to us by the spilled blood of millions. The argument that voting absentee or requiring photo identification disenfranchises someone by creating a hardship is just silly in the light of such sacrifice. I'm against voter fraud via absentee balloting or lack of proper verification of identification, and my understanding is that states need to share voter information to prevent double-voting.

Republicans! Gotta love em!

Last year they were fighting tooth and nail to get rid of the one polling place on campus. I early voted there on the last day and had to wait over an hour. Clearly there was a need. Why did they want this? Because young college students tend to vote democrat. Now they've found another clever means to limit college students ability to vote. And just who is going to pay for the government bureaucrat who will have to pour over every college student in the state's voter records and then through their parents tax records to make sure everything is inline? Sounds like a very expensive big government bureaucratic nightmare to me. Who was it again, that was so against big government? They now want to limit early voting, because more early voters were democrats last year. They also want to eliminate Sunday voting. They say its because churches will be able to tell their congregation's who to vote for and then bus them to the polls. But don't most republicans go to church on Sunday? Couldn't it work both ways? Not when you realize that the people who are more likely to need transportation to the polls are those in low-income communities, who also tend to vote democrat. Every single time a republican opens his mouth about something having to do with voting it is in an effort to do everything they can to limit access to voting. It is so transparent and disgusting.

More thug-like tactics from the GOP.........

Since they can't win the Presidency in an honest and true election, they are going to legislate themselves to a win in the next one. SAD!


Years ago, Connecticut argued for an extra Congressional representative. But, they are a net college student exporting state. SCOTUS turned down their appeal, students count where they live the majority of their time. This bill is just one more reflection of how the GOP hates the US Constitution. Can't get what you want through the front door, then use blackmail to get it. They are pathetic. If your kid and your money goes to Wake Forest, SCOTUS has ruled that they can register and must count as a resident in Winston-Salem. As far as the US Census is concerned, they live in Winston-Salem and will be used for apportionment of Congressional districts. Now these mental midgets want to punish the parents by taking away more of your money. And these are "small government Republicans???"

Oh, please

If your vote is important to you, as it should be, you will make the (minimal) effort to vote absentee. Voting where you do not live and pay taxes is interference and opens the door for double-voting (across state lines) and other forms of voter fraud. The arguments against this bill are flimsy and transparent.

voter fraud

Salemite--Should be noted that what instances of voter fraud that have been uncovered for the last couple of elections have involved absentee ballots. Voter ID would have no effect. And...the Voter ID bill will make fraud through absentee ballots easier. Since GOP voters favor absentee ballots and Dem voters favor early voting, we can see why the GOP is hoping that they can stuff the ballot box with fraudulent absentee ballots.

Salemite, so you're saying

Salemite, so you're saying absentee voting isn't opening a door to voter fraud? More absentee voting is a can of worms.

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