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Bleau pleaded to assault charge

By Ginger Livingston

The Daily Reflector

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The Republican challenger for state House District 9 was convicted of assault in the late 1990s, according to a Democratic campaign manager and court records.

Supporters of Uriah Ward, the lone Democrat running in the House District 9 race, released information about Ashley Bleau, one of two Republicans running for the District 9 seat.

“After reviewing Mr. Bleau’s lengthy criminal record, and realizing the severity of the charges — including felony assault with a deadly weapon, possession of illegal drugs, driving under the influence, and repeated speeding tickets and driving with a revoked license — the campaign feels it has a duty to ensure that the citizens of the district have all the information necessary to best evaluate who will represent them in the General Assembly,” Alicia Speedy, Ward’s campaign manager, said.

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I would like to know the real truth why some candidates are running and hear the response from candidates on some things that are said about them by the other can candidates. What I have gathered so far the majority of incumbents are being challenged by people who have an ax to grind or running for personal gain. For now I will be voting for the incumbents in all races.

Mistaken Ambition

Just Bleau's usual crap. Starts swinging swords with half truths about other candidates, but conceals his past by omission. Well he forgot to close the closet door! It would be interesting to know how financially stable Bleau and his various partners are considering the debt load connected to him. You can shave your head and put on a suit, but it does not change your lack of poise, character and integrity. Distressing that you strong-arm control of all aspects of your life and businesses, but you will always be a Snow, Blow and Go type of businessman. Between your past foreclosures and massive loans (which are public record within the last 5 years), you representing the good citizens of this county would be a travesty. Your hidden agendas do not get past the people in communities where you have lived. You may aspire to be Donald Trump, but quite honestly, you lack the tact and expertise.

Who finances Bleau after all?

It has been said that Bleau is mainly financed by fisherman that want rules/regulations on fishing relaxed so the shores of NC can be descimated by over- fishing. Sort of makes sense since Bleau has a seafood market as well as a restaurant next door in Winterville. Other unsavoury issues is how he manages (or mismanages, to be more accurate) two area HOAs as President. Hostile takeovers and negligent upkeep of people's property. This person leaves a lot to be desired, not a good candidate for the sustainability of our county and beyond.

Uriah Ward, aside from

Uriah Ward, aside from looking like he is 12 years-old, is also a member of the "SSA" the 'Secular student Alliance" at ECU a radical anti-religion group that is very hostile, derogatory, and intolerant of people who go to church of any kind. Ward and the group actively participates in LGBT rallies and marches and advocates for gay marriage in North carolina as well as criminal penalties for churches and pastors who will not marry them because of their religious convictions. Funny how none of this can be found on your little campaign site Uriah... You embarassed about it? Full disclosure, right?

nice spin

but why would anybody be embarrassed about working for equality?

Yes because

owning a gun permit makes everything alright. Ha! Just another tea party thug.


I preface by I was likely not voting for Bleau whether this came out or not. Just don't think he is the strongest candidate in this obviously weak race.


Since camp Ward is all about full disclosure though, I would like to know his stance on religion. While many of supporters are likely not worried about the GLBT affiliations he has, they may be more moved by his support against organized religion. How he gained "such a sense of community" with someone (Lyz Lidell) who openly talked about the “insanity involving the Catholic Church."

I am sure Ward would like to expand on the statement about "his people" whereas he mentions “It’s nice to meet some of my people and see that we’re not all evil." Possibly people like Max Nielson, public relations officer of the Atheist Humanist Alliance at College of Charleston who attended this "summit" with Uriah. A man who also sued his High School for prayer in school (Nielsen v. Lex/Rich School District 5)

Keep opening up Team Uriah; I too believe full disclosure will reveal a lot before the race is over.

What is happening with our candidates?

Here we have one with a court record like this and in the US Senate race we have Brannon who a North Carolina jury found liable of misleading investors to the tune of some $250,000. How can the voters of North Carolina vote for a man who the jury did not believe? How can we vote for Bleau with his past record? Do normal people ever run for office anymore? Brannon and Bleau would make a good team. For what I do not know.


I would not vote for Mr. Bleau but it has nothing to do with charges some more than a decade old. I believe that people can change. I have seen it happen. It is not the past but the current actions by him and his campaign that cause me to question the candidates character and a definite lack of character that his campaign team has shown time and time again. You have to ask what type of person would surround themselves with these individuals. They have avoided discussing any issues that will affect the lives of the citizens but instead have chosen to hurl lies and personal insults. They represent what is wrong with todays political system. It is these very types of individuals that are the problem not the solution.

I agree with Oatmeal...........

On one hand, we have a guy who ignores/can't pay his bills and is very likely cooking the campaign finance books a la Sleasely(Brown). On the other hand, we have a guy that has a lengthy criminal record and can't even be eligible for a Conceal Carry Permit. The Dem candidates are looking like CHAMPS right now!


The deadly weapon was his foot? Well ain't that a kick in the head.

Dope smokin drunk drivin punch throwin subway miscountin ol Blew

Ol Blew says that these were his most embarrassing moments., yeah moments that took the better part of a decade. This drove him to help other people, yeah maybe through work release. Remember Ashley you started this crap! You had your friends assault people,with lies,in the newspaper and elections complaint while at the same time trying to take the moral high ground. A ground barely as high as the mole hill you and your political assault squad have constructed. These things cannot be explained away as embarrassing moments, or the time in my youth. Criminal activity that lasts a decade reveals character and you sir appear to have none. The political assault squad that you have coddled together has attacked some of the most honorable and giving people in our community accusing them of all sorts of malfeasance including criminal activity. Did you ever consider the irony of any of this? Did you really think that no one would figure this out? Should we the electorate expect you to be an honest representative of our interest once you are a legislator when you have based your campaign on a series of falsehoods? You sir are not qualified to question the integrity of others when your past as well as your current behavior reveals someone that is a dishonest person. I just wonder what kind of person it takes, what kind of heart and conscience you have to possess that you could lie about others with such vitriol knowing that you are twice as guilty. How many Subways did you own anyway? At least one thing that we do now know is that there is truly no shame in ol Blew's game.

Your Honor

Your honor, I throw my client on the ignorance of the court. Or the voters.

Ric Flair said

To be the man, you have to beat the man.... or in this case, assault the man.

Quoting the great political mind of Ric Flair?

Gerome I really hate to do this and bust your bubble but wrestling is fake

So are some of the

So are some of the candidates. Didn't say wrasslin was real. Just quoted the man.

Wow! Call Jack Nicholson and

Wow! Call Jack Nicholson and get this guy some anger management... is that Brian Brown singing " I feel Happy"?

The Other Shoe Drops on Blew

All the letters to the editor and the complaints to board of elections starting to make sense now? When you have this guy's background you want to put the attention on something other than yourself.

Convicted of a Serious Assault Charge?

Something has been wrong with Bleau's candidacy from the beginning and I have been unable to put my finger on it, but now I can. This man's background renders him incapable of ever being issued a concealed carry permit. Any person who because of criminal convictions is unqualified to hold a concealed handgun permit should also be disqualified from serving in our General Assembly IMHO. If he can't be trusted with a concealed gun off his own premise, why should the voters entrust him with public office? I have never met Mr. Bleau and do nor know Mr. Brown or Mr. Ward, but feel this conviction should bar Mr. Bleau from holding public office. If the charge cannot be expunged or he is not pardoned by the governor, I don't think he should be elected to high government office, IMHO. I hate it for him, but the actions of a 21-year-old adult should have consequences...

This is pretty sad

Is this the best we have for an elected representative?

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