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Board leaders blast state budget

By Michael Abramowitz

The Daily Reflector

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Pitt County Board of Education members on Monday heard criticism of state budget cuts from their interim superintendent and board chairman.

Interim Schools Superintendent Michael Cowin and board Chairman Marc Whichard said they expected the cuts to hinder education efforts this year, calling them “an embarrassment.”

The officials said the 2013-14 North Carolina budget will negatively affect public instruction in several ways, including the elimination of teacher tenure and pay for teachers with master’s degrees.

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Public athletics funding

was cut years ago. Those programs get a very minimum amount of money from the overall school budget. Most of those funds come from booster clubs, ticket sales, concessions or private donations.

And grits kill fire ants.

And grits kill fire ants.

Teacher's Choice

Teacher's choice to spend their own money for standard classroom materials parents should be providing for their own school age children. I can't tell you how many of my students would show up to school ill prepared with basic needs - pencils, pens, and paper. They "EXPECTED" those essential items to be provided. I refused unless the student "put up collateral" for whatever they wanted to "borrow." Borrowed items magically disappeared unless the student gave me a shoe, cell phone, pocketbook, hat or most anything they valued. In a very short time, each and every student I had showed up prepared for my class. I have pencils, pens, paper donated by military recruiters or other agencies and use those sparingly until my new classes learn how it is in my classroom. So, it's a teacher's choice if they want to spend their won money or hold the student accountable for their necessities in the classroom. I am tired of hearing about all the whining from my fellow teachers about how much they spend. It's not necessary. It's all about teaching responsibility, accountability and integrity to the students.

Will the state budget cause a

Will the state budget cause a cutback in public school athletics. That is the first place to cut. Very few students get to participate in basketball and football. Cut these programs back and use the money for the teachers and classrooms. We can no longer afford these elite athletic programs. All that equipment, travel, coaching salaries and field maintenance is too much.

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Bless your heart