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Budget pinch may affect ECU students

By Katherine Ayers

The Daily Reflector

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East Carolina University officials said their students will feel the effect of the N.C. governor’s proposed budget cuts.

Rick Niswander, vice chancellor for administration and finance, said the university has already eliminated the “easy stuff” during previous fiscal year budget cuts.

“We’ve paid attention closely to not hurt the classroom, so from the outside looking at us it looks like nothing happened,’” he said. “These changes have come on the back side (of ECU) in what people don’t see, but that only goes so far.”

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You mean to tell me we can't

You mean to tell me we can't cut a university's budget every year and not have consequences? Well, I never!

The student's parents are

The student's parents are always the ones that suffer. Never the pampered administrators or elitist professors. What a shame.

Tell that to

the 20% of the faculty laid off in the chem dept in the last big cut. Students will be delayed in their graduation because we can't open enough sections. Not to mention that the tuition increases over the last two years made up less than a third of those budget cuts. Do some research before posting.

You don't have much of a clue

You don't have much of a clue about how higher education works, do you. Or about recent history at ECU.

I was so hoping that new

I was so hoping that new budgets cuts were not going to influence student, but unfortunately the worst thoughts always comes true. So this is really bad news I must say. I believe that spending cuts and therefore budget cuts are taking place everywhere. I always feel sad when it comes to students. They have so many problems of their own: student loans, commodity, some have instant online loans to pay off and I can’t hardly imagine what is going to happen once we experience the whole power of budget cuts.

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