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An artist rendering shows what an incubator might look like in west Greenville, along the 800 block of West Fifth Street.
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An artist rendering shows what an incubator might look like in west Greenville, along the 800 block of West Fifth Street.

Business project suspended

By Wesley Brown

The Daily Reflector

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City planners this week said they are temporarily suspending the study of a small business incubator in west Greenville due to a lack of funding and interest among potential entrepreneurs to support a facility that would nurture local startups into homegrown enterprises.

The announcement — made before the Greenville Redevelopment Commission — could result in the loss of about $2.5 million of quality office space and up to $80,000 of professional support services provided to potential business owners at a cost below market rate, said Niki Jones, the city planner in charge of the project.

Jones said the city owns nearly two blocks along the 800 block of West Fifth Street and has made contact with several developers to partner in building the site into an incubator, which would allow entrepreneurs to rent 100 square-feet of office space and have access to conference rooms and a trained professional to help them design a sustainable business model.

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*who in their right mind

*who in their right mind would want an office in west greenville? agree that there are spaces downtown that could be used--wait--no one seems to want those spaces either.

West Greenville Business Incubator

Ahahahahahahahaha! What a joke. What a waste of time and money. Trash this idea. No businessman in their right mind would start a business in West Greenville. That place is a dump and slightly dangerous.

this is as it should be,-City- get out of this business!!

Its about time that City management stops wasting its time on this nonsense. lets be clear, the City does not have the knowhow to do this type of project They are bureaucrats,. Their job is to manage the City, the streets, the parks , the crimes, and make sure that the private sector is operating without undue interference, This whole process of pipedreams takes valuable resources away from the tasks at hand to make Greenville a great place to live. This is one pipedream project sidelined, how about two or three more; the Commons, the Intermodel boondoogle and the parking deck- stop them all.

Why not start with existing space city-owned downtown instead?

A small business incubator to encourage dozens of young startups to stay and grow their businesses in Greenville is a very important to this city. There are so many examples of local start ups such as Metric which recently sold for multi-millions. These startups create hundreds of high paying jobs. Instead of spending millions on some new grand taj mahal building why not simply start with an existing city-owned space uptown instead? That is the logical intermediate step. Speaking of logic I find the reporter's wording strange, "result in the loss of $2.5 million in office space." Following that logic... should we be tabulating a list of all possible future city projects as a "loss" of half a billion? This city is definitely in need of incubator space to build our home grown business spinning out of ECU, PCC and from within existing businesses and in my opinion should be located in the downtown area to create synergy with the existing county incubator which is over capacity.

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Bless your heart