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Charges dropped against rapper Wiz Khalifa

By Michael Abramowitz

The Daily Reflector

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Drug charges were dropped against a rapper who performed at East Carolina University because the charges were in error at the time of his arrest, the district attorney said Wednesday.

Rapper Cameron Jibril Thomaz, 22, who performs under the stage name Wiz Khalifa, was charged Nov. 8 with trafficking marijuana, maintaining a place for sale of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after his arrest outside Wright Auditorium.

ECU police seized a quantity of marijuana from his tour bus following the performance. Nine others also were booked into the jail on related charges. Marijuana use is a central theme of Thomaz' performances.

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Broken system

Once again there is a fine example of how broken our legal system is. This guy get caught with drugs and walks free. Sure the poor little rapper had to pay a fee at a bail bondsman but so what? I'm sick of selective enforcement of laws. The legal system needs to be fixed and have even enforcement of laws. You should not get off easy because you are rich or famous. Also, The legal system could really do with out people like this guys attorney. "I find it ironic that East Carolina knowingly asked him to come and then chose to take their actions, justified or not under the law" Ok, so this lawyer is actually saying that the police should just ignore criminal activity because he was invited there? I don't care if your famous or not, if you are breaking law you should face the penalties. If I was a cop I would personally have no problem walking right on stage and arresting these idiots in the middle of performing.

You have totally missed the

You have totally missed the point. He didn't get off because of his status. He got off because someone within the system screwed up, most likely because they were trying to make an example of him because of his status. He had 2 ounces and got charged with trafficking! That's insane. If you or I were caught with 2 ounces we would be charged with felony possession and possibly distribution, but I'm sure that the bail wouldn't ever go higher than even $5,000. On a $300,000 dollar bail, he paid a bondsman at least 25 or 30 grand, which likely can't be recovered. Its such a blatantly jacked up charge and such a huge screw up for whatever magistrate that let this go through, that one might imagine that he'd have cause to sue for the lost funds, but I don't know. They likely just dropped the charges because of the amount he already paid, as well as because this makes them look stupid and they just want to sweep it under the rug. But yes, I agree with your original statement. The system is pretty screwed up.


Yeah, I realized he got off because it was the wrong charge but that is part of the issue too. Ok, they charged him with more than he did, so change it to correct charge and move on. That did not happen instead everything was dropped. Our legal system is broken in so many different ways I question if it can even be "fixed". I think we have reached the point now that it just needs to be tossed out and rebuilt. If you are not going to enforce the law don't put it on the books and the laws that are put on the books need to be enforced evenly. There should not be any special treatment for anyone.

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