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Connector concerns prompt meeting

By Wesley Brown

The Daily Reflector

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The multi-million-dollar 10th Street Connector is nearing full development, but questions raised by property owners who will be displaced by the critical highway link between East Carolina University and Vidant Medical Center are far from answered.

Answers to key questions are promised tonight at 7 during a free informational session being held by the N.C. Eminent Domain Law Firm at the Hilton Greenville.

A division of the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, the N.C. Eminent Domain Law Firm represents property owners throughout North Carolina who may be affected by state right-of-way acquisitions.

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*why is this just now being

*why is this just now being addressed? we've known this was going to happen for years.

*when this crime ridden area

*when this crime ridden area is cleaned up, where do you think the criminals will go? they'll scatter to the low-income housing, section 8 housing, and to small towns nearby. while obama likes to spread the wealth around, greenville likes to spread the crime around.

One more issue

"among the issues to be addressed tonight" should include: How much does this law firm stand to make on this? These guys are not in Greenville out of the goodness of their hearts!

Great advertisement!

This is a great ad for the law firm doing the meeting. How much did they pay the paper? How much would you charge my business for an advertisement like this?


What are the concerns? That it will clean up some areas that are the worst part of town? It's ashamed it will not require the more space and clean up even more of that crime ridden area.

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