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Council eyes medical research park

By Wesley Brown

The Daily Reflector

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Early returns from the Greenville City Council’s annual planning session last weekend show a possible Medical Research Park as the only economic development initiative to gain majority support, with four council members selecting it as one of Greenville’s “most important” needs.

“Medical research just seems like a no-brainer in Greenville and I think to build around it with a corporate park, can really help us become a true medical hub,” At-large Councilman Dennis Mitchell said on Thursday.

The $2.5 million Medical Research Park proposal received the highest number of mentions of the 45 needs or initiatives the council said it would be like to fund, possibly as early as next year’s budget, to improve the city’s economy, infrastructure and parks system.

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*there may be some who say we

*there may be some who say we can't just stay at status quo---we must change and improve--become something better. i agree--but we must think about what we can AFFORD to do. remember--NEEDS AND WANTS! *and speaking on another plane--elected officials who may be thinking they need to make a difference on THEIR watch so citizens can look back and say--we got_____________when______. you don't have to make BIG changes to make a BIG difference. sometimes you just need to stay quiet, and listen.

*this sounds like an

*this sounds like an EXTREMELY expensive venture. gville is not charlotte or raleigh--we just don't have the money/tax base they have. even looking XXX years down the road--assuming the city took on this task--how much debt would we owe, think of what the taxpayers would have already suffered. i realize we can't always think only of the present, but the present is what many of us are trying to LIVE through now from one paycheck to the next. our children would have to pay for much of this too and obama is already skewering us on those needs already. we need to find out what his policies are going to do to us before we take on local $$$ responsibilities.

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