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Don Davis

Don Davis

Davis letter urges: Repeal budget cuts

By Ginger Livingston

The Daily Reflector

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A local legislator is urging his colleagues to sign a letter asking Congress to repeal pending budget cuts and find a better way to reduce the federal deficit.

State Sen. Don Davis, D-Wayne, and Rep. Rick Glazier, D-Cumberland, are sponsoring the letter with the support of the North Carolina Justice Center, a research and advocacy organization focused on economic, social and political justice.

The plan is to send the letter to the state’s congressional delegation early next week, prior to the sequestration beginning on March 1.

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find new ways

Gee...what do you think he means by find new ways to reduce the deficit? If you refuse to make cuts in what you spend, you have to increase revenue. Maybe his new idea is to raise taxes again! Wow. What a great idea. That sure sounds like a new way. Seriously...what does he suggest as a "new way" to reduce the deficit? Give me a friggin' break (just don't break my back with more taxes).

I wonder

If 90% of the politicians were fired, (remember, they work for us, we pay them)how much tax money would that save us? We could probably hire two teachers for what each politician costs us. At the very least, each current teacher could get a very nice pay raise. That's just a dream and a conservative guess though.

What has changed

Sequestration was Obama's idea, was it not? And what is it, less than 1% of the total budget? A lot of people leave a penny on the counter at the convenience store because it is too much trouble to pick it up.

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