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Official: Town Common concept in flux

By Wesley Brown

The Daily Reflector

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Greenville Recreation and Parks Director Gary Fenton went on record this week saying that he does not want anybody to “freak out” about the idea of public-private development on the Town Common.

Instead, in his first remarks since city management unveiled a 20-year vision for the downtown park that included mixed-use housing and retail, he urged “everyone to hold judgment until true proposals are on the table.”

During the Greenville Recreation and Parks Commission monthly meeting, Fenton said he is neither “instantly against or instantly for” building around the edges of the 12 acres of green space overlooking the Tar River.

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Another example of inept Management of our city

including City Manager. Why ruin a perfectly nice park for business only, is this Mayor's doing and City Council? Probably but we need to fight as we already let the city "rape the wooded area on Arlington" years ago, and devistate the wooded area near the homes in hopes someone would build, which they have not. Understanding that rezoning was fought against by the local homeowners, so now what is there is a pathetic looking area with no vegetation but weeds and shrubs(no beautiful oaks and other magnificent trees that were sound barriers and home to critters of the environment). Please let's get a grip as we are ruining Greenville and turning into Concreteville no longer "Greenville". Town Common is a great area and years ago took my boys to enjoy and play there, not to mention when the Sunday in the Park moved there from the "sewer pipe" on the slope off of 3rd street. Will we ever learn or just let them keep play havoc with our greenery that is left in this city.

*by the time proposals are on

*by the time proposals are on the table, decisions are already made and involving the citizens is a moot activity. *mr fenton--sorry--i don't trust you. you are manipulating the citizens. Where are these exceptions you mention? we only have 12 acres of park to consider. *people benefit? the builders, construction companies, businesses... * lipscomb thinks we have rapids for white water rafting? where? (i knew there must be some special reason this person got that position) *a mobile amphitheater? how tacky. *mr mitchelll--don't trust you either. when someone must reiterate a point, that means trouble.

Paddle sports

I think someone needs to take Ms. Lipscomb out on the Tar in a canoe and introduce her to the joys of shooting water moccasins with a bow and arrow.

I think they are referring to the wake of my canoe


When did the Tar get rapids?

When did the Tar get rapids?

What is this person talking about????

"And what an asset the river has become,” she said. “A hundred thousand tourists come in throughout the year for all types of paddle sports ... like white water rafting. “Everybody said the river was too flat to have rapids, but we figured it out. Yep, it sure is a wonderful thing to see.” City Manager Lipscomb Has somebody lost it??

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