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Parking deck nears final approval

By Wesley Brown

The Daily Reflector

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Motorists frustrated with downtown parking neared some relief Tuesday when the Greenville Redevelopment Commission voted in favor of a parking deck at the corner of Cotanche and Fourth streets.

In a recommendation likely to pass the City Council next week, the commission unanimously supported transforming the city-owned Moseley Lot — which studies show as frequently under used — into a four-story parking garage.

The 120-by-190-foot deck would provide an additional 256 spaces, cost $3.8 million to build, take six months to construct and generate more than $175,000 in annual revenue for the city, Greenville Economic Development Officer Carl Rees said.

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to Jamison

"connect and OVER A DOZEN retail, apartment and governmental projects CURRENTLY under way in downtown Greenville" A WHOLE DOZEN !!!!! WOW!! half of them are government ,taxpayer projects......

Living under a Rock? Jeez. Welcome to 21st Century*

"What is this strange 'parking box' you speak of? For horse-less carriages? --- JESUS B. CHRISTMAS! Are you posters serious???!!!! What ROCK are you people living under? Newsflash: IT'S A FREAKING PARKING DECK. It's 2012. THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF THEM ACROSS AMERICA. You people are acting as if someone is attempting to land the Mars Rover in downtown. Guess what little fellas Greenville is all grown up. The time has come to provide the critical mass of parking needed accomidated the anticipated growth from the 10th Steet connector direct connect and OVER A DOZEN retail, apartment and governmental projects CURRENTLY under way in downtown Greenville. WAKE UP people. Did you stop to think much of this parking is pre-leased and reserved for business and university uses providing more street parking for retail. Did you stop to think there is no better time with the unparalleled low finance rates and building costs,,, that this is exactly the time to bring a game-changing critical mass of parking to downtown, just in the nick of time ahead of the pending events downtown. Everyone cut-and-paste these comments. Should provide great comedy when we look back in 5-10 years. And if any of you who seem to have never been across the Pitt County line and have ever "seen" a parking deck before, I think a field trip is in order to some exotic metropolitan big city locations like Wilson, Rocky Mount, Wendell, Cary, Raleigh, etc. .........Jeez.

*was it only yesterday that

*was it only yesterday that the dr today's poll asked if greenville should get a parking deck and more than 50% voted NO? *THE deck will cost at least twice as much as quoted--these projects always do and the city will make less than half they think. *the city council does not care what citizens want--they do as they please. *it's doubtful that i will enter a dangerous parking deck. *seldom go downtown now--a parking deck will seal the deal.

parking deck

looks like another great place to get robbed

Nobody is going to pay to park downtown

they will just stop going down there.

Questions , questions ,questions

1) "The proposed rates would create a $29,000 annual budget gap, Rees said — the city has saved $1.8 million for a parking deck and would have to borrow $584,000 to build the garage." Does not equal $3,800,000 2) are the 256 net additional after losing the spaces in the now covered lot 3) Are they or are they not puting shops on the first floor? Cost difference and number of spaces different? 4) if employees cannot afford leased parking now "( Employees cannot afford leased parking)" , what does Siguaw think $60 a month is- chump change?? Thats $720 a year to a clerk making $15,600 a year!!!! ECU only charges no more than $200 to $400 a year for prime parking now on campus! $2.50 a day is next to nothing, huh Siquaw. Maybe in your little world but not to the majority of people in Greenville! I see too many leased spots and not enough metered spots here!! I think the numbers need refinement but this Redevelopment Commission approval is similiar to their other approvals- long on words , short on a real analysis, both operational and financial. In other words a USELESS evaluation.City Council, tread carefully!! A word to the wise- hmmm.

Two things. If the Moseley

Two things. If the Moseley lot is now under used,what makes the city think the parking deck will not also be under used? Also,if this parking deck can operate at a $29,000 loss,and that's ok with everyone on the Redevelopment Commission,then why is it so awful that Bradford Creek also isn't revenue neutral? Bradford Creek serves a lot more citizens of Greenville than this deck will.

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