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An officer checks a driver's license during a check point on 14th St. Saturday night. (Scott Davis/The Daily Reflector)
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An officer checks a driver's license during a check point on 14th St. Saturday night. (Scott Davis/The Daily Reflector)

Police put DWIs in check

By Katherine Ayers and Kristin Zachary

The Daily Reflector

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A weekend DWI checkpoint resulted in 55 traffic citations and arrests and potentially saved lives, according to police who set up overnight Saturday next to Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium.

Officers from multiple agencies manned the checkpoint from 10 p.m. Saturday to 2:30 a.m. Sunday on 14th Street near Berkley Road, where suspected drunk drivers were escorted on board a BATmobile — Breath Alcohol Test mobile — to be tested for impairment at one of six breath stations.

A breathalyzer test reading greater than the legal limit of .08 required the driver to head to the back of the bus to face an onboard magistrate who then determined whether to release the accused to a sober, responsible adult or have the person transported to jail.

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Good move but..

remember, if wait longer for the breathalyzer test it will go up. Point is they were headed home possibly a short way and if wait for the test the results will be higher. (Understand I don't agree with drinking and driving but, delay can result in being impaired above limit when delayed). Thank you for looking out, but why don't you do this during the football season in the same area? Duh, you would have many more than what you got that night. Get it but to punish those who would have been home in a few minutes and under limit, but wait for the test, oops now they are above limit. Is this truly justice? Just curious as know too many times from others the delay causes higher reading. Feel for the folks who would have been home shortly, but glad for those really truly impaired were caught. Still the 4th amendment doesn't seem to count.

Checkpoints are a great idea

Anything to get the drunk drivers off the road and save the lives of the innocent. Keep the pressure on drunk drivers. Stop me anytime day or night and I will gladly take the test! If I ever hurt anyone with my car it will not be due to drinking and driving.


set up checkpoints after football games and see how many you catch?

Good idea

Getting drunk at a ball game is just as bad as getting drunk in a bar. Equal application of the law is supposedly the law of the land.

Check points

Are unconstitutional violations of you 4 th amendment rights. Where the heck were you teabaggers when they passed this law?

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