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East Carolina is proposing a new student center to be built in the area closest to 10th Street, which is currently a parking. Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013.   (Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector)
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Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflecto

East Carolina is proposing a new student center to be built in the area closest to 10th Street, which is currently a parking. Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013. (Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector)

ECU ponders student centers

By Katherine Ayers

The Daily Reflector

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The East Carolina University Board of Trustees will discuss a proposal for two new campus student centers during a lunch meeting today.

According to an executive report published ahead of today’s meeting, one center would be built behind Mendenhall Student Center on the main campus and another constructed between the East Carolina Heart Institute and Laupus Library on the health sciences campus.

The total project is estimated at $162 million and comes from student fees and contributions from groups, including campus dining, the Dowdy Student Store and Parking Services, all of which would have space in the buildings.

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ecu administration is a disgrace.

It is truly astonishing how ecu administrators squander public funds! Disgusting!!!!!!!


The last thing ECU needs to do is to do away with any parking spaces. Mendenhall isn't that old or dilapidated, and yes I have set foot in it lately, a number of times.

someone didn't read the article

a 700 space parking garage would be included with this.

Small point.

As one of those parents, grandparents and hopefully great grandparents in about 14 years, I now have controlling interest in at least three buildings at East Carolina University. My name will never be on them, but I surely paid for the majority of their construction. My family has 15 degrees from ECU, so far. I was fortunate enough to assist(not give) each of them in their tuition and have estabished a college fund for the present and future great grandchildren, which probably won't be much given the rise in costs. However, some of it will probably go for construction in the future. My bachelor's degree came from ECC. It was paid for by the government to get a commission in the Marine Corps. There have been far reaching and a multitude of changes since I graduated. The football stadium is over twice the size today, just to name one. I am a rabid football fan so that comes to mind first. Not all of our classrooms were air conditioned in those days. The good part was it was far easier to find a place to park. Not true today. Hopefully one of the future construction projects will be parking garages. In the future, with distance learning, on line instruction, and coming inventions and innovations, education as we know it today will be a paragraph in some history book. So more attention should be placed on those ways of distance and group instruction vice just more buildings. Building more is not the whole answer to education. The quality and method of instruction, teaching, research, experiments, and application are far more important. One does not necessarily need a new large building to accomplish that.

A new student Center is NEEDED!

Students don't pick a school for its buildings
Obviously, you know nothing about University admissions these days. We are talking about 17-18 year olds. Yes, they want to go to a school with good academics, but unless you're somewhere like Duke or Harvard you need good facilities to recruit students just as much as you do academics. I can tell you the student Rec. Center alone has enticed some students into coming to ECU & that facility is starting to get dated as well. Mendenhall is very very old & needs to be updated. Have you set foot in that facility lately? It is old as the Dicken's. A new facility would be a major upgrade for students & staff & would result in more participation with events there. If you don't do these things the University will be able to stay up to date with it's competitors. On a personal note - I believe professors are over paid as it is.


As one of those retired professors, I can attest that most are not overpaid. What is overpaid is the cost of the course books, which change and cost more every semester. Now, there are some professors who also publish those books and receive royalities on each book sold and incorporated into course instruction requirements. Unfortunately, I was never one of those. That being said, in truth, I would have taught for free, or maybe just quarters and meals and a bicycle to ride to class. I was unique though. I had already had one successful career with retirement pay and medical benefits from that career. Most of my fellow professors were products of the academic system and, as such, their living depended upon their teaching pay, which for many was never enough, especially when the head football coach had a six figure salary plus endorsements. Now, I'm not knocking football coaches, but I would have really enjoyed teaching History outside, and in front of a screaming crowd once a week for a few weeks out of the academic year.


Students do base their choice of school in large part on the facilities available to them, this is a well known fact.


This article cites the various sources to be used to build these facilities. In the end, it comes out of the pockets of students and their parents who are struggling to pay tuition, many of whom are incurring significant debt. And for what? Another building? There has been no strong case as to why these are needed. Priority should be given to the actual instructional programs, not buildings! If anything, make sure those teaching at ECU are adequately compensated or you'll lose good talent to other schools. Students don't pick a school for its buildings; the first priority should be the quality of instruction. Otherwise you end up with lots of nice, rather empty buildings. Come on ECU, you can do better than that!

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