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ECU sues Cisco over slogan

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East Carolina University announced on Friday that it has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Cisco Systems Inc. for what it considers unauthorized use of ECU’s slogan “Tomorrow Starts Here.”

ECU began using the federally registered trademark more than 10 years ago, Chancellor Steve Ballard said in a news release issued on Friday morning.

Cisco, based in San Francisco, is one of the world’s largest makers of computer networking systems. It launched an advertising campaign in December with using the slogan “Tomorrow Starts Here” as its centerpiece, the release said.

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ltp.....I wish we worked together...........

that way I could take every good idea that you came up with, and get credit for it myself. Wait.....based on your response, I really wouldn't want to do that, as it seems you wouldn't be coming up with any.

Purple is always better

ECU should buy their switches from Cisco's competition, Extreme Networks. All of their products are purple and they don't borrow trademarks. http://www.extremenetworks.com/products/products-hub.aspx

to 'dumb stuff like this is'

So THIS is what's wrong with the country?! THIS is what's wrong? So suddenly, it's wrong of ECU to want to secure a Trademark? If you owned a business or a "brand", would you just simply allow others to use your name/look/brand/etc without caring? I'm most definitely sure you would not. Great move East Carolina. I do hope that you and Cisco reach an agreement on the usage of the phrase. Simply not doing anything is how you let others walk all over you.

Dumb stuff like this is

Dumb stuff like this is what's wrong with the country. I would be ashamed to be involved with this at all. Certainly wouldn't brag about it for sure.

They stole it from 'Wired'....

and they should stop it.

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Bless your heart