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Candidate gets Palin endorsement

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Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is endorsing the main challenger in the 3rd Congressional District’s Republican primary.

Taylor Griffin, who worked with Palin during Sen. John McCain’s failed 2008 presidential bid, released a statement Wednesday with Palin’s endorsement.

“Todd (Palin’s husband) and I are happy to honor your request and support your candidacy,” Palin said. “In Washington, we need you to stay true to your beliefs of smaller government, protecting life and furthering conservative principles.”

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yeah Palin is a boob

er..has boobs, no wait, I was right the first time.


Definitely voting for Taylor, not Jones..not a life-time appt and not a family seat. Father, now him, think it is a lifet-time appt....Hope Jones is defeated.

palin endorsement, oh yeah, thanks a bunch!

Hope he can see Washington from his house, 'cause that about as close as he's gonna get.


anyone Palin supports would be last one I would. What useless person.


Who cares who that bespeckled windbag supports. Why would anyne care. She's Ted Kennedy in drag peddling her "influence" in plces where she knows nothing. She is not smart enough to know the issues in the country much less in this distict. Stick with field dressing a moose.

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