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Ferdinand Rouse fills out a form to receive his ballot as he prepares to vote at Koinonia Christian Center Church on Tuesday morning.
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Rhett Butler/The Daily Reflector

Ferdinand Rouse fills out a form to receive his ballot as he prepares to vote at Koinonia Christian Center Church on Tuesday morning.

Thomas, Mercer win; bond passes

By The Daily Reflector

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Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas has won re-election, defeating challenger Thomas Best 6,067 votes to 4,472 votes in complete but unofficial totals from the Pitt County Board of Elections.

At-large candidate Calvin Mercer defeated incumbent Dennis Mitchell 5,375 votes to 4,916 votes as the final precincts reported. Several races were very close.

District 4 candidate Rick Smiley defeated Terri Williams 1,556 votes to 1,543 votes. District 5 candidate Richard Croskery defeated Michael Overton 1,392 votes to 1,247 votes, with James Woodley garnering 104 votes.

Incumbent District 3 City Council member Marion Blackburn won re-election with 851 votes to Katherine Wetherington's 776 votes. Incumbent Kandie Smith also won re-election to her District 1 seat.

Pitt County voters also approved a measure to allow the county to sell $19.9 million in bonds for expansion at Pitt Community College. The vote was 10,755 to 6,479 with all 40 precincts reporting.

Winterville chose incumben Mayor Doug Jackson over challenger Calvin Henderson 844 votes to 521 votes. Grifton Mayor Billy Ray Jackson handily defeated challenger Gene Cole 336 votes to 96 votes, and the town approved a bond issue to improve city streets.

Turnout countywide was 15.58 percent, with 17,828 of 114,463 registered voters casting ballots Tuesday and during the 13-day early voting period. Turnout in 2009, the last municipal election, was 16.45 percent with 11,178 people voting, according to the elections board. It was 17.23 percent in 2007, with 15,316 people voting.

Here are the City Council totals:

Mayor: With 28 of 28 precincts reporting, plus early voting totals, Mayor Allen Thomas has 6067 votes and challenger Tom Best has 4472 votes.

At-Large: With 28 of 28 precincts reporting, plus early voting totals, Calvin Mercer has 5375 votes and Dennis Mitchell has 4916 votes.

District 1: With 13 of 13 precincts reporting, plus early voting totals, Clinton Ray Anderson has 416 votes and incumbent Kandie Smith has 978 votes.

District 3: With 7 of 7 precincts reporting, plus early voting totals, incumbent Marion Blackburn has 856 votes and challenger Katherine Wetherington has 779 votes.

District 4: With 9 of 9 precincts reporting, plus early voting totals, Rick Smiley has 1,556 votes and Terri Williams has 1,543 votes.

District 5: With 8 of 8 precincts reporting, plus early voting totals, Richard Croskery has 1,392 votes, Michael Overton has 1,247 votes and James Woodley has 104 votes.


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Very Sad

A 15% turnout of registered voters is truly pathetic. And this does not account for the large number of citizens who could have registered and voted at the same time. No wonder such a small percentage of the population has so much political power.

Hey Crusader!

When are you going to accept Lance Wetherington's invite to pay him a visit?

If these results hold true........

What a truly sad day for Greenville. Other than the Croskery/Overton race(I think Croskery will not be as easily influenced by Lord Calvin and his puppets as many think), we are seeing a return of things the way they were under Pat Dunn. That is stagnated growth and ineffective leadership.

Big Win for PCC

Congratulations to Pitt County voters for their overwhelming support for the Bond issue. This is good news for the youth of our county. Voters also rejected the negativism of the angry old white men crowd represented by "peppe", "math teacher", "ltp" and other assorted dead-enders on this board. Get use to it guys, you are on an express trip to history's waste basket.

*cru--you're too funny! I

*cru--you're too funny! I don't feel i'm on express trip to anywhere. I like to think my opinions effect some folks. they seem to have an effect on you. *sad win for the taxpayers of pitt co whose taxes will be going up for the next twenty years. add that to all the other local, state, and national taxes going up in categories we haven't even heard of and the working folks my be lucky to keep even half of what they earn.


pcc is good for eastern nc, why doesn't eastern nc share in the expenses

Last time I checked, PCC was

Last time I checked, PCC was doing quite on its own with all of the growth and expansion they have been undergoing without the bond. No need for the public to subsidize them any longer. They are currently the 3rd or 4th largest CC in the state.
crusader wrote:
Congratulations to Pitt County voters for their overwhelming support for the Bond issue. This is good news for the youth of our county. Voters also rejected the negativism of the angry old white men crowd represented by "peppe", "math teacher", "ltp" and other assorted dead-enders on this board. Get use to it guys, you are on an express trip to history's waste basket.

Greenville election means family neighborhoods triumph.

For most of the past few decades, Greenville real estate developers and rental landlords had a free hand doing what they wished. These efforts were sometimes detrimental to neighborhoods and family homeowners. Mayor Pat Dunn's tenure of openness and orderly growth apparently angered some developers/landlords enough to attempt revenge on family neighborhoods by returning to the ole days when a city council could be manipulated into any construction project or favor for a few. Even honorable and honest developers/landlords brought this defeat on themselves by not opposing unscrupulous developers/landlords in such efforts as "four-unrelated". For some of us, the great joy of this 2013 election is that hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by some developers/landlords was wasted money. The Mayor and the axis of four Council members (Joyner, Mitchell, Smith, and Glover) abandoned family neighborhoods in favor of instant profits for the few. Now we have the opportunity to roll back "four-unrelated" and to honor our city long range Horizon's Plan before approval of any construction project. Homeowners can hope that past bad faith tactics by some developers/landlords will lead to the same wholesome election results in the future now that ordinary homeowners know they can outvote any amount of political wealth.

Tell me again why we bother with these local

elections? Same old same old crowd running our city and have done so poorly in the past. Yep I voted so I can comment.


... you should offer yourself as a candidate. Quit whining from the bushes.

Gotta love it

Smiley won by 13 votes, low turnout, and if I were Williams would request recount. 13 votes and this means winner...LOL


...there will be a challenge.

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