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First Lady Michelle Obama speaks to a crowd of over 6000 at Minges Coliseum on the East Carolina University campus Wednesday night during a campaign rally for President Barack Obama.
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Rob Taylor/The Daily Reflector

First Lady Michelle Obama speaks to a crowd of over 6000 at Minges Coliseum on the East Carolina University campus Wednesday night during a campaign rally for President Barack Obama.

Obama: Every vote will count

By Ginger Livingston

The Daily Reflector

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First lady Michelle Obama electrified a crowd of 6,000 supporters on Wednesday with the message that every vote will count on Nov. 6.

Obama urged the audience in a 30-minute speech at Minges Coliseum to get family and friends to vote and to visit gottavote.com to register. Her visit was part of a campaign swing through Greenville and Durham.

“This election will be even closer than the last one. It could all come down to what happens in a few key battleground states like North Carolina,” Obama said.

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*4 yrs of failure is long

*4 yrs of failure is long enough. *obama hates america and is trying to bring us to our knees. *michelle was not proud of this country until her husband ran for president. she thought america was "downright mean". *what happens to those on entitlements when america runs out of money to give to freeloaders?

I'll Pass

I thought about trying to get a ticket to see her but then realized it was during the same time Judge Judy came on. Judge Judy won out.


https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/wp/2012/09/18/mitt-romney-will-probably-get-95-electoral-votes-from-moocher-states-obama-will-probably-get-5/ YOU ARE idiots. The south gets more help in handout, welfare, medicaid, ssi, and medicare. Yet, the south will vote for the one man who wants to get rid of all the the programs they benefit from. Stupid rednecks voting for this lying Mormon. It's jacked up more ways than one. Every southern baptist I know dislikes Mormon's and I even saw one Mormon family being discriminated against by local Christians. The only reason most people in the south vote for Romney is because Obama is black. Let's be honest if he was white there would not even be a need for an election. How can you be poor and vote for Mitt??? How can you live in rural pitt count, get handouts, be white and vote for mitt because you cannot vote for a black man. FOOLS

Race has nothing to do with

Race has nothing to do with my lack of support of Obama. It has more to do with the fact that he has been given a 4 year auditon and done absolutely nothing with it but blame the other guy. At some point there actually needs to be a plan other than this is what the other guy left me with? I don't know what Romney would bring...but at this point could it be much worse? In if you actually think Obama deserves 4 more after the results of the last 4, then you may want to reserve that idiot comment for yourself.

on the contrary

race has EVERYTHING to do with everything in America whether whites accept it or not - considering what the Pres. inherited; 2 wars, high job loss, GM in verge of collapse,etc. he has done a decent job. not to mention he did the ONE thing bush would have given both testicles to do; TAKE OUT OBL. so PLEASE think things over before you write utter nonsense to be read by us - have a nice day

Apparantly YOU didnt read as

Apparantly YOU didnt read as carefully as you thought. I did not imply race has nothing to do with politics for america as a whole. WHAT I SAID was my lack of support for OBAMA has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with his lack of progress with the economy and broken promises. Exactly how long are we gonna use that blame the other guy with what he was left with excuse. Will you still beleive that after another 4 years of little to no progress and an ever increasing national deficit? The fact is if this 4 years was an audition for the next 4. Based on the results..I think someone can do better.

People who can see beyond

People who can see beyond next week probably know that the entitlements will stop suddenly when the economic collapse happens. Obama will continue to ride the country into the ground so that there will be even less for the people living in or near poverty. The only way to fix it is by cutting the government down to the bare essentials and by reworking income tax policy.

Did she speak of weath

Did she speak of weath redistribution? Obama-care? Food stamps? Gov't entitlements? These are the primary platforms of her husband, so were they addressed?

Of course every vote will

Of course every vote will count.....they're counting on that. This candidate embraces the bottom third. So tired of seeing the goverment give to those who are able but won't work. What we need is welfare reform. A system of giving a hand up not a hand out. Of course the candidate that offers the hand out is gonna get that vote. Not a big fan of Romney either but, got to say, what he said privately is what needs to be said publicly. Anyone really beleive there is not a some truth to those remarks. I have one child, why. thats all I could afford at the time. If you cant feed em..dont have em... and dont expect me to pay for em.

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