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Barry Popkin, a distinguished professor of nutrition at UNC-Chapel Hill and author of
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Barry Popkin, a distinguished professor of nutrition at UNC-Chapel Hill and author of "The World is Fat," addressed an audience of scientists and students Wednesday at East Carolina Heart Institute about the worldwide pandemic of obesity.

Expert: It's a fat world

By Michael Abramowitz

The Daily Reflector

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People in eastern North Carolina — and nearly everywhere — might only have suspected as much until their observations were confirmed on Wednesday by someone who knows: the world is fat.

The evidence was presented to local scientists, students and the public during a lecture at the East Carolina Heart Institute by Barry Popkin, a UNC-Chapel Hill distinguished professor of nutrition and author of “The World Is Fat: the fads, trends, policies, and products that are fattening the human race.”

Popkin shared the numbers on worldwide obesity at his presentation, sponsored by the departments of nutrition science, biochemistry and molecular biology and the East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute. There are now approximately two billion people across the globe who are overweight or obese, compared with 600-800 million who now are underweight, based on the percentage of body fat (BMI).

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*more gov intrusion into my

*more gov intrusion into my life. once the gov does a few things and no one bucks it, they're thinking--let's see just how far we can go with this. i'm fed up. educate me, but don't force me.

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Bless your heart