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ECU to issue statement at 4 p.m.

By Jackie Drake

The Daily Reflector

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UPDATE (1:40 p.m.) ECU officials say they will issue a statement expected at 4 p.m. today discussing the university's record and its responsibilities in regard to the First Amendment and the East Carolinian, its student-run newspaper.

ORIGINAL STORY: National advocacy organizations are challenging East Carolina University’s decision to fire the adviser of the student newspaper.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education sent a letter to Chancellor Steve Ballard on Friday asking the university to reinstate Paul Isom, who was fired Wednesday from his position as student media adviser.

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pornography, n. The explicit

pornography, n. The explicit description or exhibition of sexual subjects or activity in literature, painting, films, etc., in a manner intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic feelings; printed or visual material containing this. Was this naked picture sexual? Was the picture intended to turn people on? Also, if you read, the person being held responsible WASN'T responsible. Is this just? I am proud that there are people willing to fight this wrongful decision. To me, that's what America is about.


So he is proud that the student editor decided to print a picture of a naked male on the front page of the ECU newspaper?? That, I think, says it all. Up until now, that would be considered pornography. Now, it is ok because it is ok under the First Ammendment. What in the world has happened to the decency and morality in this country? I guess now not only will parents have to monitor all television programs, but newspapers and magazines as well.

Agree 100%

There are decency standards that come into play. It's not censorship, it's common sense.

Hiding Behind the First Amendment...again

When situations like this arise, I find it completely ridiculous that people hide behind the First Amendment. If you do something stupid…you will be fired. I wonder if the lady working at McDonalds can cuss out a customer and keep her job. Doesn’t she have First Amendment rights too? Oh, right, that different. And I wonder why there is such a thing called “hate speech.” Don’t you have the right to call someone a vulgar, nasty name? Remember, with the First Amendment we can do anything we want to. Right? At my job I’ve got a right to do anything I want to, but I must also face the music if my boss believes my actions are out of line and detrimental to the company.

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