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Governor Sarah Palin Delivers Remarks During The Greenville Victory Rally at East Carolina University.

Shealah Craighead

Governor Sarah Palin Delivers Remarks During The Greenville Victory Rally at East Carolina University.

Hinton on UNC Board of Governors

By Ginger Livingston

The Daily Reflector

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A Greenville radio personality and media company owner was appointed to the UNC Board of Governors, House Speaker Thom Tillis announced.

Henry Hinton, president and general manager of Inner Banks Media, is one of eight people elected by the House on Wednesday.

“I’ve been involved with the universities in North Carolina for a long time; it seems like forever,” he said. “I felt like I have some ideas and knowledge to contribute.”

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I don't agree much with Hinton's political views and his push to dismantle higher education, so I am very disappointed with this decision. I guess this is a way to make sure that the university system not only gets further budget cuts but that it also has an official spokesperson asking for the cuts while smiling. It also gives the conservative base a loud voice through the radio. If I were a UNC-system employee, I would seriously be looking for another job. Until the entire UNC system has essentially no administrative employees, the curriculum is almost entirely composed of low-level vocational training, and there are fewer universities in the system, Hinton and company will not be happy. I wish I could say that I am shocked, but this is business-as-usual in North Carolina now. The "good ol' boy" network is thriving.

not elected

Hinton is a political appointee, put there by Republicans to promote the Tea Party agenda.

take your program off the air

As an elected official HInton now needs to quit acting like a Rush Limbaugh wantabee and address the concerns of the citizens of this state, not just push his own ultraconservative agenda.

Well we're moving on up!

I am sure the UNC folks are a might disappointed to be having all these "outsider" folks on the board. It brings back memories of the movie, "Caddyshack," when the caddies got to use the country club pool for the day. The members were just shocked I tell you, shocked. Just be sure to wear your best suit and remember that that little fork is supposedly a salad fork. If they do not serve a salad I think you are supposed to just let it sit there. Who'd have ever thunk there'd be commoners sitting on the UNC board?

I am not really against there

I am not really against there being "common folks" on the UNC board, and I am not against having outsiders because outsiders can often think of new programs and whatnot. My biggest issue is that there are a growing number of the Tea Party extremists in all parts of North Carolina state government. They will have four main priorities: (a) cut non-instructional employees no matter what, (b) cut the budget no matter what, (c) cut research, and (d) make professors teach at least 3 classes per semester. There will likely be no new programs; modern Republicans are mostly armchair accountants who have tunnel vision, unable to see anything but the dollars spent. They see UNC and community colleges as unnecessary expenses that make them slightly less wealthy.

The lowly taxpayer

My point is the lowly taxpayer should at least know what is going on in the UNC system. It is time that the sacred cow status is questioned and the taxpayer get a look at what is going on at what cost? It seems to me that the UNC system thinks they are above being questioned because they are so "educated."

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