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Housing in Town Common vision

By Wesley Brown

The Daily Reflector

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Conceptual drawings unveiled last weekend during the City Council’s annual planning session call for significant development on the Town Common, most notably a multi-story housing complex at the corner of First and Greene streets.

An abstract design of the proposal — made available to the public on Monday — is being referred to by city staff as a “systematic approach” to breathing new life into First Street, a major downtown thoroughfare that many officials see as under-used and rich in potential.

While none of the measures are funded in next year’s budget, the idea is part of a long-term vision to build inward and upward in Greenville, similar to other Southeastern cities that have found success in urban growth in recent years, Community Development Director Merrill Flood said.

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It will all be washed away....

Isn't this all in a flood zone?

How many

How many people use this "park" on a daily basis? I see dozens to hundreds on the greenway and the dog park. There is a purpose to those parks. What is so special about this park that would be lost by adding things that would draw people to actually use it? Don't spend my tax money but if you can get other people to come and spend their money to build cool things to do there, that would be great. It looks like there would still be "natural" areas to walk and stuff.

*the town common belongs to

*the town common belongs to everyone and it should remain so. *if you want to try some of these ideas go well to the left or right of the town common. perhaps you could even buy some cheaper land for parking. *who's paying for all this stuff anyway? someone must think gville is a bottomless pit of money. we are not.

To Cynthia

We can certainly have an amphitheater if Private Money can be found as well as another location. We need this one last piece of greenway to remain green. We have the Goezz Amphitheater already located there and it works fine and it's paid for and not that old. Geez. Greenville should be renamed Concrete City


I like the idea of a 5,000 - 7,000 seat amphitheater. Greensboro and Cary have both recently added these venues in the last few years with a spring, summer, and fall concert events with all genres of music represented. Maybe 20 - 25 nights where patrons are drawn to Uptown Greenville. Why not here? http://boothamphitheatre.com/ This could work here but parking would be one issue to address.

Where will the 4th of July be held?

The plan shows about one-third of the Commons to be paved over. What's left will not hold the crowd for the 4th of July. The Commons is a major attraction for people looking at Greenville, to diminish it to nothing more than the amphitheater area will take that away. Not included in the plat is the parking area needed for the new construction. "They paved over paradise and put up a parking lot." "Isn't that the way it goes, you don't know what you got until its gone." They need to listen to Joni Mitchell.

I agree Jack

Another attempt by staff to lead the council instead of the other way around. I love the only sizeable green area in the city. I hope the council is smart enough to see through this. But I won't count on that.

I suggest that the city gets the streets repaired

This is a waste of taxpayer time and money Now you know where taxpayer money goes. On planning asinine projects such as this.

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Bless your heart