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Jones center could close

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The state-operated Walter B. Jones Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center will be closed after June 30 if the N.C. Senate’s version of the 2013-14 state budget is enacted.

Section 12F.7 of the Senate budget proposal submitted Wednesday said that the Department of Health and Human Services shall not allow any new admissions or readmissions to the three state-operated alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers after June 30. It follows with a direction that the DHHS will permanently cease operations at Walter B. Jones and the other centers, Julian F. Keith in Black Mountain and R.J. Blackley in Butner, by no later than Sept. 30.

In its place, the legislature would appropriate $10 million in the budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year and $20 million for the 2014-15 fiscal year, the amount it considers as savings from closing the centers, and use the monies to contract with private licensed medical care organizations to provide community-based and residential alcohol and substance abuse treatment services, according to the budget proposal.

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State Government Priorities.

Another victory for the conservative Goody Goodies... I have been to WBJ and it and it's staff have saved my life. It took me more than once to "get it" but the times spent there were a spark toward recovery. It is a shame that other individuals will not have the opportunity that I had and will be left out in the streets to get arrested or die. Shame on you politicians.First they cut it from a 28 day to a 21 day program. Then to a 14 day program. Now nothing! The state's priorities are all messed up!

Your own fault

North Carolina (and Greenville especially), you have nobody to blame but yourselves. You wanted small government, and now you are getting it. Stop voting in these idiots. Extreme conservatism is DESIGNED to hurt the middle class. You are voting against your own best interests if you vote for Republicans or conservative Democrats.

What gives?

Along with this story is a headline on WITN web site "Greenville Center To Offer NC's Only Inpatient Opioid Addiction Treatment" announcing a new treatment for opiates funded by federal government? And where? The same Walter Jones Center!

Not in my Neighborhood

That will be the cry from the public when the "private" provider tries to open a drug treatment hosue in Greenville or raleigh. What a stupid bunch of fools we have in the Senate. The heck with drug treatment programs, just let them die or lock them up. But they are closing 9 state correctional facilities, so just them go to the street. And what about the programs for the babies at Walter B. Jones site? And did you it is the designated medical shelter if there is a major disaster? Where do the people who require vital medical care and support go? To the hospital? Who pays for that? Private residentila facilities are nice, but where the heck will you place them. Your Republican Senate are fools. They just don't give a hoot about people with needs.

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