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Calvin Mercer
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Calvin Mercer

Mitchell wants Mercer to debate

By Abbie Bennett

The Daily Reflector

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At-large City Councilman Dennis Mitchell challenged opponent Calvin Mercer on Thursday to a series of one-on-one election debates.

Mitchell announced in a news release that the debates would be key to informing voters about the race with Mercer, the District 4 representative on Greenville’s City Council now challenging Mitchell for the at-large seat.

Mitchell said the race with Mercer is “one of the most defining” of the campaign season.

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Debate? Sounds more like a cat fight.

Mercer should go back to teaching. Mitchell needs to get a real job and pay his taxes. Surely there are more appropriate candidates than these two whiners!


as the whole election and city council a joke. Who cares if they debate, Mercer will do his esoteric spinning on words which mean nothing and the worshipers will vote him back. HAHAHA

this ought to be good...

At least Mercer refused the pay raise that the rest of the council voted for themselves behind the backs of their constituents.

Tax Cheat Dennis Mitchell

It's an outrage that Dennis Mitchell supporters are calling Calvin Mercer unfit for holding the At-Large seat, when Mitchell himself owes $600,000+ in back taxes to the federal government.

Focus on issues

He we go again. Calvin's minions trying to interject a man's personal trials into the election which has nothing to do when Mitchell challenging him to a debate. They have records on the council so stick to the facts. If Calvin wants to make it an issue, then he should bring it up himself. No one has brought up the fact that Calvin campaign was charged with theft by stealing his opponents signs... ooops!

Can Anyone name ANYTHING Mercer has Done in 6 Years? Only Negati

It's easy to sit on the sidelines, do nothing and be negative. In Mercer's case he has sat on the sidelines as an elected official through multiple mayors & councils. While every single Mayor and council can point to examples of initiatives and improvements they developed consensus with their fellow council members... in 6 years ALL that we have from Mercer is a constant negative narrative of emails often presenting information inaccurately and divisively, refusing to participate but taking shots from the sidelines at council members actually presenting the needs of citizens and the city up for consideration. Not contributing, not willing to sit at the table with council members and work in a positive manner to bring positive improvements... yet attempting in campaign paraphernalia to claim "credit" for projects like Nathaniel Village? Which you had zero, nada, no involvement? - and ironically projects which your opponent ACTUALLY helped make happen in a cellular level serving on the redevelopment commission? Embarrassing and dishonest mr. Mercer. 260 emails can't hide the fact when you peel away all the rhetoric you have zero ability to work with ithers and in 6 years... you have not no record of not one single initiative to your credit. Hot air and non action. Perfect example of a washington DC politician and what we DON'T need in this city. We have serious opportunities and challenges in this city and it's time to put people in office with track records of putting political sleeze aside and bring together different viewpoints but ability to positive consensus. There is only one of those in this race - and it's not the one sending out 260 emails and "claiming credit" blabbing our airport initiative, betraying confidentiality of our community leaders

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