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Officials oppose handgun bill

By Katherine Ayers

The Daily Reflector

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Top university and community college leadership as well as the East Carolina University police department have spoken out against a state bill that would allow handguns on both public and private college campuses.

House Bill 937, cosponsored by Reps. Brian Brown and Susan Martin, would allow people with a valid concealed handgun permit to keep their handgun “in a locked vehicle state government parking lot, have a concealed handgun in a locked compartment in a vehicle on the premises of a community college or public or private university.”

In a statement released Friday, Chancellor Steve Ballard said the bill would have “a negative impact to the safety of our campus.”

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This Has Been Enlightening

Large amounts of histrionics over this issue, that's for sure. Virginia lets you pick up your kid at high school, as long as your ccw weapon is in a locked safe in your car. And not one child has been harmed by a ccw holder there. Utah allows ccw on college campuses. And they have a lower crime rate than the UNC systems. The good thing that I learned is twofold: (1) Many university bigwigs are seriously irrational,and (2) I have too many irrational liberal people who I thought were my friends. Even if this bill doesn't pass, I feel much better off. My Facebook and LinkedIn friend lists have shrunk considerably in 24 hours. Good riddance. If they want to unfriend me over my pro gun stance, they weren't my friends to begin with.

Stand firm, Armynurse...

They weren't real friends anyway. Real friends trust you and want you to defend yourself.

The sky isn't falling...

Remember when gun control extremists predicted shoot-outs and blood in the street before concealed carry became law? This is more of the same. They never learn. Actual concealed carry on campus is already permitted in several states without trouble. This bill only enables citizens to protect themselves while they travel to and from campus, something the campus police cannot do. The right to bear arms trumps these types of "Chicken Little" histrionic predictions of doom. The real problem is campus-wide defenselessness that has actually and repeatedly attracted mass-murderers. It is too bad the UNC system is now being run by Tom Ross who has a long history with the virulently anti-freedom and anti-gun Reynolds Foundation. We don't need a Bloomberg-type running our universities. At the very least he needs to keep his personal and irrational political beliefs to himself.

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