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Ozie Hall, center, with the Coalition for Educating Black Children speaks to the media during a press conference on the steps of the federal courthouse in Greenville on Tuesday morning. (Rhett Butler/The Daily Reflector)
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Ozie Hall, center, with the Coalition for Educating Black Children speaks to the media during a press conference on the steps of the federal courthouse in Greenville on Tuesday morning. (Rhett Butler/The Daily Reflector)

Opponents: Plan takes schools backward

By Jackie Drake

The Daily Reflector

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A Pitt County minority group is protesting an upcoming school attendance plan it says will take the district backward instead of providing equitable education.

Some schools are projected to be racially identifiable and low-performing when new attendance boundaries take effect for 11 elementary schools and three middle schools in Pitt County for the 2011-12 school year.

“Segregating students into three racially isolated and low-performing schools is a formula for disaster. It's wrong, and it needs to be corrected,” Ozie Hall, president of the Pitt County Coalition for Educating Black Children, said at the group's news conference at the federal courthouse on Tuesday morning.

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I'm Not Laughing...

but Ozie Hall and Calvin Henderson are both jokes. Do something to correct the problem instead of standing behind a bullhorn and patting yourself on the back. You have already identified the problem, children with no parental guidance, input or support. Whether we like it or not, in our community the majority of the children in this category are African American and come from one parent families. This is not a stereotype or racial statement, this is a fact, sad but true. Lets address the issue where it occurs, at the family level, encouraging all of our community to nurture and support their children and having traditional two parent families. This is not the school systems fault, the children performing below expectation are a product of their home environment which does not depend on ethnicity or socio-economic background, but in parent participation in their children's lives.

thanks concerned

thanks concerned citizen--agree with your comment--the cause for poor performing schools lies with parents who don't really care about their child's education---they have their own personal concerns to take care of. the fault is not with the teachers or the school. no one can re-raise the parents and instill the importance of what it takes to make their children ready to learn. parents cannot wait until the day before hitting kindergarten to begin what they should have been doing literally since day one of birth. by the time a 5 year old hits kindergarten, their behavior is set and there is no great teacher, or classmate of any color, or any school that can change what this child already is. as an old retired school teacher--i know a something about this. does this info doom all children?--no--so parents-please try.


Seems to me it is humiliating to the minority students who hear Ozzie Hall, et. al., accuse the students of being 'low performers' unless the scores of others are included to artificially increase the apparent performance level of the students. A score is individually based. If 50 students are in a class, and 49 flunk, and I pass with flying colors, who is the problem? It is time to stop insulting these kids and start encouraging them to be the best they can individually be.


I don't agree with Mr. Hall, but it is a shame what the school board has done to the Greenville schools. Prior to the 2005 redistricting, four of the five Greenville elementary schools were performing above the county average and three of five were above state averages. If I recall correctly, only one school was above county averages last year and none were above state averages. The school board dismantled these successfull schools in order to create schools that had nearly identical racial balance. Now four of the five Greenville schools are projected to be undiverse and low performing. Once Race to the Top money runs out, where will the money come from to maintain these schools as remedial centers?

The Pitt County Board and folks like this group

The Pitt County Board and folks like this group have been successful in dumbing down ALL schools so that no ONE school looks bad. Again you would think that adults would understand that spreading throughout the school system poor performing students only insures that those students will fail. Mr. Hall has all but said minority students unless given special treatment are incapable of learning. That is sad and I doubt many other than Mr. Hall believe that.

Mr. Hall's School?

Why doesn't Mr. Hall set about to right the wrongs at his own school? He is the CEO of a local charter school in Kinston which performs badly and does not offer proper services to struggling students. Where is his Coalition for Educating Black Children for the children in Kinston and why isn't his own school "racially balanced"? I think the adage goes: clean up your own backyard... Perhaps if his own school was an exemplary model of educating children we may listen to his rhetoric. I agree with the previous post, he is nothing more than a charlatan. I would also like to see Mr. Hall's curriculum vitae and his qualifications for educating anyone.

Pitt County minority group protesting school plan

Surprise, surprise, surprise. This group has become a joke. Why the Pitt County School Board even gives them the time of day at this point is unbelievable. You could let them draw up the plan and they would find something wrong with it.


Ollie Hall is a grandstander he doesn't care about the kids If he did he would be in the schools teaching which of course doesn't have cameras to toot his personal horn what a charlatan he is

Just needs to be in the news

Ozie must think he has better data than the school system. The Pitt County School Systems' data indicates that Lake Forest will be 78% African American which is not too far off of the 70% African American target that Mr. Hall so vigorously supported in the 2005 redistricting.


What about a group called Pitt County Coalition for Educating White Children....would that be as racist as this group? Give me a break. You are a product of what environment you are raised. Come on parents, change you childrens environment and your children will be changed. Its not that hard to get up, go to work, cut your grass, maintain your house, have family time, etc... These children can only act they way the parents act. They can only "talk" the way the parents talk. As adults it's our responsibility to provide and care for and teach our children the right way. The right way is NOT to blame someone else for your shortcomings.

Admitting poor performance

So the coalition admits that minority dominated schools are poor performing schools. Shouldn't it be their mission then to "move forward" and improve them without relying on sending the children elsewhere?? Can you imagine the uproar and backlash that would occur if it was said that a minority child can only get a good education if surrounded by white kids in better neighborhoods? Well, that is exactly what they are saying.


Wouldn't it make sense to to just go ahead with this plan? I can see that they are saying you will have minority schools that are starting out as underachieving. I think this could be a good thing though. You now have a school that you can focus on the special need of that group. The reading level will be low at that one school at first so you know that you need to put a focus on reading. This sounds like it is a good thing that simplifies matters to me. Really though I just think it is stupid to draw school boundaries according to anything but location. Go to closest school and be done with it.


Sitting next to a kid whose mother and/or father is invovled in the school and their child's education is far superior to sitting next a kid whose parent is null and void!

what's so magical about

what's so magical about sitting near a white kid in school? if children are sent to school having been taught by parents a desire to learn, respect for others, a positive attitude, well rested and fed---they will learn regardless of the color of the person near him. now--just what exactly is this coalition really trying to say?

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