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PCS tackles language barrier

By Jane Dail

The Daily Reflector

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Pitt County Schools is looking into new approaches to help native Spanish speakers learn English while simultaneously teaching native English speakers Spanish.

The school system is doing a feasibility study on two-way immersion programs beginning in the 2015-16 school year that would teach students the school’s curriculum partially in Spanish and partially in English.

Ann Borisoff, Pitt County Schools world languages coordinator, said many school districts in the state have had success with TWI programs.

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*students coming to the US

*students coming to the US should learn to speak English--on their own time/or seek programs offered by PCS. I know it sounds harsh, but teachers can hardly cover curriculum they already must cover, much less teaching another language. *parents of students should also become fluent in English too. if you listen to conversations between children and parents outside school-grocery stores, dr offices, parks, it's obvious that parents are making little effort. *English speaking should not have to suffer.

Spanish speaking Americans???

Well, let's see....teaching Americans to speak Spanish because the Spanish speaking students of PCS are not learning English. Let's take it another step. How many parents are not happy that their child cannot spell, write a complete sentence or communicate in a "normal" way as we were taught? How many times have you heard "just spell it like it sounds? That's good enough for this class." I am all for learning another language. I am not in favor of learning what needs to be learned in English in another language here in America!! Parents, these are your children in the school system you are paying taxes for. It is time to stop the catering to those that refuse to learn English in America at the expense of our children's future.

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Bless your heart