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Rental registry resurrected

By Wesley Brown

The Daily Reflector

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A violation-based rental registry that would hold landlords in west Greenville and the Tar River-university neighborhood accountable for problems such as messy yards, loud parties and too many residents living in homes is not dead yet.

Last week, the Greenville City Council received a resolution from its Neighborhood Advisory Board supporting the program as a way to “preserve and strengthen neighborhoods in the city.”

The endorsement was approved on Jan. 17, a month after the council — for the second time in three years — shot down a proposal by District 3 councilwoman Marion Blackburn to inspect and possibly permit rental properties cited for two or more housing violations.

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TRUNA runs NAB board,OWNS Blackburn.Police Chief said NO 2 this

Police Chief has already spoken against== this matter. The reason it has failed to receive a vote in this council or any previous council, it is unfundable multi-million boondoggle which has already failed in Durham and Raleigh. GPD Chief Aden said plainly and clearly,,,, in the council meeting. He has a plan,,, with tangible measures based on our existing rules and budget which he feels will have great results. That is his professional advisement. We don't need measures passed for show. Nice try TRUNA. Insteadof bullying the greenville neighborhood board,,,, you need to be focused on fixing your embarrassing apartheid ruling class you've established in your own neighborhood,,, discriminating against 90% of your residents! Not allowing any to be avoting member of their association unless they have lives there for OVER 4 YEARS. Shame on you TRUNA,,, and your 8 crusty old elitist professors, attempting to push your warped exclusionary beliefs on everyone else.

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