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Residents file suit against city

“The City Council just decided to do things their own particular way and this is our only recourse.”

Christopher Mansfield
one of eight plaintiffs

By Michael Abramowitz

The Daily Reflector

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Eight Greenville residents near East Carolina University have filed a suit against the city seeking reversal of City Council actions that created a new zone that allows property owners to increase their rental capacity from three unrelated occupants to four.

The plaintiffs — Christopher Mansfield; Myron Caspar; Beverly Harris; Catherine and J. Charles Young; Clell Moore; and Beth Thompson and her husband, Eric Horsman — filed claims alleging state and federal constitutional violations.

The first claim alleges that by establishing the University Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative Overlay District and creating higher occupancy tolerances within it, the city and its individual council members “created ... different definitions of the word, ‘family,’ and two clear classes of persons and properties, those within the district and those outside it.”

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*more folks, more traffic,

*more folks, more traffic, more crime, more people, more trash, less clean-up, more rentals, less community pride because of less ownership, more stealing off front porches, folks feeling less safe, more run-down homes, more section 8 housing, more drugs, more, more,more-- *what else can I say? it's sad the historical area around the ecu area is being turned into a slum. *I used to live there and moved out because, well, more folks, more crime, and well, you know, more, more ,more...

Mansfield and all are just wasting their money

what part of "three in an household" came with the Constitution way back when ?

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