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Sequestration cuts uncertain

“I think it’s important for people to realize that federal dollars do reach the local level and do have an impact on services like public health.”

Dr. John Morrow
director, Pitt County Health Department

By Ginger Livingston

The Daily Reflector

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Local organizations are waiting to see how sequestration will affect their funding.

Agencies are getting little information about how and when an automatic cut of $1.2 trillion in defense and nondiscretionary spending the next 10 years could be implemented.

George Perry, director of the Pitt County Department of Social Services, said he has received no information about the sequestration, which is scheduled to begin on Friday. A significant portion of social service programming, including income maintenance, food assistance, child care assistance and Medicaid for family and children, fall under discretionary spending, Perry said.

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To find fault

All one has to do is to look a the signature on the bill that enacted into law, for it would not have become a law if not for that signature of approval. Like our president said "Elections have consequences". I fear this consequence is just one of many forthcoming. Now, compare this law to President Roosevelt's National Recovery Act law of which parts were found to be unconstitutional 2 years later. One created jobs, and one cut jobs.

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