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Study: Little fear of crime in city

By Michael Abramowitz

The Daily Reflector

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A large majority of Greenville residents have little or no fear of crime in their neighborhoods, and even more are very satisfied with the service provided by their police department, according to a survey conducted at city expense by East Carolina University.

The Community Fear of Crime Study was conducted via phone questionnaire of 386 responding residents from all four Greenville policing districts between September and November by the ECU Criminal Justice Department. It will be presented Thursday to the City Council by department chairman William Bloss.

The data showed that, citywide, approximately 92 percent of respondents expressed little or no fear of crime in their respective neighborhoods.

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*let me think--who stands to

*let me think--who stands to benefit from this study? and i guess this proves we need more expensive parks and greenways?

What a bunch of BULL!!! I had

What a bunch of BULL!!! I had to pull a gun on a punk at the movie theater last month. I should have pulled the trigger on his dumb 16 old butt!! Greenville has the worst crime in esatern NC

Bloss needs to take a statistics course

His sampling is massively biased with white women overwhelmingly represented. When did he take his survey- during tea and crumpets at the Greenville country club? Its a sham and the DR fell for it- thanks Al "Bloss said the number and diversity of the responding study subjects (6,000 were contacted and 386 responded) were “scientifically valid and sufficient” to provide reliable data for the department’s report. He said having well-trained expert criminologists conducting the study assured its objectivity."

"Visiting a neighborhood park

"Visiting a neighborhood park or playground registered the highest fear level among a list of 13 types of activities, with 61.5 percent of people saying they were afraid or very afraid." Please Blackburn, build us some more parks and greenways. Just wait until the greenway in west Grenville is completed.Can we please stop wasting my money and other taxpayer's money on these useless "special interest" pet projects.


once again is pointing in the wrong direction

Clearly this paper is bias

The headline reads "Little fear of crime in City" THAT IS NOT WHAT THE SURVEY ASKED OR THE UNSCIENTIFIC RESULTS SHOWED!!! Al Clark should be put in a corner and told to write " I am a poor journalist" 100 times The question was , I guess, as neither I , my family or anybody I know participated, who did, is anybody's guess... the survey asked " do you have a fear of crime IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? not in the City as the headline screams. Just ask the employees of Bojangles or KFC, both not in my neighborhood? Total bias survey followed up by incompetent journalism and editing.

Majority in what area

I am so sick and tired of these studies that are taken and no one in our community knows about them. This was a study based on 386 residents. How many people live in Greenville? I live in the West Greenville area and I'm not afraid but I know a lot of people that are afraid. What area was this study taken and why was it only done by phone? We have a police substation in the neighborhood but ask me how many times I have seen police officers in the area. I see about 11 cars at the station during business hours but what about after hours, 2 maybe. Who is there, when I call because someone is shooting in my area and it take about an hour for someone to show or music is blasting 2:30am when people are asleep because they have to go to work or coming in from work and their children have to go to school and the substation is 2 minutes away? STUDY THAT!!! Not Satisfied!!!

This editoral- false as it is- should not be in a news story

"his department’s report about crime perceptions confirms the success of former police chief William Anderson’s efforts at community policing and strengthening the relationship between police and the people of the community they serve." Al Clark, you should know better

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