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Gorham hearing set for Friday

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A 2 p.m. hearing in Raleigh on Friday will determine whether a D.H. Conley junior can play football in a state playoff game Friday night against Triton High School in Erwin.

Chief Judge James C. Dever III will hear a request to set aside the punishment meted out to Maleek Gorham from the N.C. High School Athletic Association which prohibits him from participating in any NCHSAA contests until Oct. 2, 2013. The ruling was decided because there were questions about whether Gorham was supposed to be attending Conley or J.H. Rose High School.

David Sutton of Sutton Law in Greenville named the Pitt County and North Carolina school boards, D.H. Conley High School and the N.C. High School Athletic Association in a lawsuit filed Thursday.

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I am tired of all the games.

I am tired of all the games. With all the overcrowded class rooms, go to the school you are suppose to. I don't care if your a teacher. Do you pay city taxes....I do. Go to the school you are suppose to. Selfish.

Due Process

Regardless of which side of the issue people support, the student still maintains his 14th Amendment right to equal protection under the law and his right to due process under both the 5th and 14th Amendments. Students lose some 1st Amendment protections, but not due process or equal protection. I think he has a case for at least an injunction until courts fully review his case and determines if his rights were violated.

Stop Assuming

You people with your different stories dont know anything, first of all Gorhams mother did not work at JHR last year, second off Gorham AND his brother attended JHR and stayed in JHR's school district, third of all his mother is not trying to beat the system Gorham was happy at JHR they moved back to their permanent adress which is in conley's district due to family troubles. So dont go jumping to conclusion when you dont know anything about the people. Gorham is a great kid and his mother is a wonderful woman. The reason The coach and the AD were suspended is because the AD allowed Gorham to play, then ruled him ineligible through "under the table agreements" with ccoah Lipe, which they thought would not surface, they were caught. This is unfair to Gorham and his mother who sent out a verification document that was intercepted before it could reach state level through the wrong doings of Mrs.Little. So befoe you speak on this situation know that at the end of the day Gorham is just a kid, and for some of you people to criticize him and his family the way you are is totally unfair and judgemental.


First of all - Gorham's mother did not teach at Rose High last year - she taught in Edgecombe County SOOOOO there is the problem! The student WAS NOT eligible to play at JH Rose last year - the coaches' knew it and hence the JHR coach has been suspended. Gorham is probably being suspended from high shool athletics for the year because the NCHSAA rules state that if you file false paperwork to play then you will be deemed ineligibility - so he is not being punished for attending DH Conley this year - he is being punished for last year. You don't see DH Conley's coaches suspended.

There are some intricacies to this......

to this that are exceptional. His mother taught at Rose last year, therefore he was able to attend that school without living in that district. However, for athletics, he listed his grandmothers address and her as his guardian. This year, his mother was no longer at Rose so he had to go to the school he was supposed to. Guess what, his transfer paperwork did not get properly changed. Still listing his grandmother as guardian, but Moms address(in Conley district). Rules state that you must live guardian and attend the school in the guardians district. The blame lies with the parents for not filling out their paperwork properly and I would imagine some lies with the school, coaches and the county AD.

very confusing if you don't

very confusing if you don't know all the details...thanks for clearing it up!


So if he is not eligible to play football at Conley because of where he lives how does he still go to school there? If he is out of their district for sports shouldn't he be out of their district for education too? Just wondering..


I think the point is that he DOES live in the Conley school district. He cannot go to Rose High School according to Pitt County Schools.


The child obviously switched schools to play sports at another school which happens often, but for the NAACP to be involved is down right IDIOTIC! His brother played at Rose last year therefore he obviously lived at the same address, and its obvious his mother did not move for educational purposes. It's sad as an African American that our kids thin that playing sports is the way to live a comfortable lifestyle, when in all actuality without education all is lost. He should be made to go to the school in which district he lives in because that is the rule if we teach our children that every time we can't get our way we will sue then they will be lost forever. There are rules in place for a reason if the rules are not going to be enforced why have them. Why don't they just make high school open enrollment if that is the case.

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