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Sheriff Neil Elks on Wednesday announces the arrest of three suspects in a triple homicide at the Hustle Mart 3 in Farmville.
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Sheriff Neil Elks on Wednesday announces the arrest of three suspects in a triple homicide at the Hustle Mart 3 in Farmville.

Fourth man arrested in killings

By Kristin Zachary

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A fourth man, Willie Odell Whitehead Jr., 23, has been arrested in connection with Sunday night's triple homicide at the Hustle Mart 3 north of Farmville, according to spokeswoman Christy Wallace with the Pitt County Sheriff's Office.

Capt. Jeff E. Phillips of the Pitt County Detention Center confirmed about 5 p.m. that Whitehead Jr., of 6383 Stainsboro Road, Farmville, was on the premises.

Officials with the detention center said Whitehead Jr. was booked into the jail at 5:36 p.m. and has been charged with three counts murder, three counts first-degree kidnapping, three counts robbery with a dangerous weapon and count conspiracy to commit robbery.

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Willie Whitehead is hard life long criminal who should have never been let out (NC needs the 3 strike rule) Shamble was let out o JAIL EARLY, HE SHOULD HAVE been behind bars!! WHEN WILL NC Department of Corrections and legislature wake up. Remember the girl from UNC who was killed by parolees who should have had supervision but they did not. Stop letting people out of jail/prison who do not care about human life and are multiple offenders. This could have been avoided if 2 of these men we not let off the hook. How sad that they value human life at a few dollars and then kill innocent people who did what they were told. Those 3 victims could have been me, you, your kid, your family...... take a stand let Pitt county DOC and the state know we are sick of this!

Black on Muslim Crime

We can add a new column in the Reflector now. Black on Muslim Crime. Although it most likely would not have mattered who was clerking that store that night. It appears to me just in the video feed that these three "citizens" were hell bent on killing some people, that the money was secondary. Maybe a gang initiation?


I want to thank the law enforcement for doing a fantastic job in finding the criminals that committed this horrific crime. The community feel a little safer now that they are off of the streets. Even though I am sure there are others out there but now that these people have been caught, the others are now aware that they also will get caught also. Again, thank you because those young men did not deserve to die. A job well done!!!!!

Thank you for a job well done

Good job walking down the criminals. I wish every crime was solved as quickly as this one was. These guys don't need to waste tax payer's money by having a trial. The state should skip the preliminaries and take them straight to the lethal injection. We know they did it, what else do we need. If they had been minding their own business like the store worker's were, they would not be in this situation. Also, why is a minor hanging out with two adult criminals? Were his parents not concerned when he was not at home by 10:00 pm on a Sunday night, knowing he had school the next morning. What is this world coming to. Maybe kids wouldn't be hanging out and robbing innocent people if the law would uphold parents when they try to discipline some of these hard-headed kids. Implement a law that allows parents to use some type of discipline in order to keep these kids on a straight and narrow.

It we had

We Need stricter laws on crimes that are committed. Let the Punishment match the Crime. Take these worthless individuals out and shot them in cold blood just like they shot the Store Workers. If the criminal knew that the punishment was absolutely going to be the same as the crime committed, just maybe, maybe, it could and would make a difference.

Info from DOC website

Info from DOC website indicates that Anthony was a parolee from CT, and Shamble convicted of a felony less than a year ago...why were these scumbags on the loose? and WHY is the juvenile's identity protected??? Good work law enforcement, on catching the murderers.

Make guns illegal for everyone?

First of all thank you to the Pitt County Sheriff's office for a great job! Second, guns didn't shoot a single person, the person holding it had to point and pull the trigger. Remember, if guns wee outlawed only outlaws would have guns!

I was using sarcasm to make a

I was using sarcasm to make a point. This case goes to show that even thought they weren't allowed to get guns they still did. With stricter guns laws it would only make it harder for you and me to get guns not them. The sheriff's office did a great job and hopefully the courts can keep them put away for a long time so the sheriff's office isn't arresting them a few years down the road for the same thing

No Problem

No problem, I think we are on the same side. I'm just glad that maybe justice can be found for this senseless crime.

Arrested thugs

These three are the scum of the earth. I hope they all burn in hell.

Apprehended Felons

Great job by the Sheriffs Dept to get these criminals off the street before they commit more murder. Interested to find out the background on the juvenile, whether he knew Sam, was a resident of Farmville and described the store details to the others. Were the other two on probation? How did they get the firearms? Unfortunately, nothing will bring back the 3 hard working, honest employees that were murdered without a chance to survive. Will haunt Farmville for a long time. Hope the school does something to honor the student Sam

You mean 2 of the three were

You mean 2 of the three were felons illegally possessing guns? Sounds like we need to make guns illegal for everyone then maybe this wouldn't happen. This is a great example of why gun control doesn't work. These three need to be shot.

Senseless Tragedy

What a bunch of losers with a capital 'L'. Good work by Sheriff Investigators and all involved in the apprehension of these thugs.

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