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A smoker sits underneath a tree along the sidewalks in front of Vidant Medical Center on Wednesday, March 13, 2013.   (Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector)
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Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflecto

A smoker sits underneath a tree along the sidewalks in front of Vidant Medical Center on Wednesday, March 13, 2013. (Aileen Devlin/The Daily Reflector)

Vidant sidewalk smokers beware

“No one expects the police to be writing tickets to enforce this type of rule. I would expect it to be self-enforced by the public community, the same way the ordinance prohibiting smoking in restaurants has been.”

Dr. John Morrow
Pitt County Health Department

By Michael Abramowitz

The Daily Reflector

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Pitt County Board of Health members decided last week that they want to see smoking ended in many public areas throughout the county, beginning with the sidewalks around Vidant Medical Center.

At a Tuesday meeting, the nine-member board discussed how they could enlist the cooperation of Greenville and Vidant officials and the public to convince sidewalk smokers to stop. The medical center has a tobacco-free policy throughout its campus, and has no designated smoking areas on its property, but the sidewalks are not within its enforcement jurisdiction, Vidant officials said.

“I have been working with the dean of the Brody School of Medicine, as well as the director of the Pitt County Public Health Department to develop plans to improve the health status of Greenville and Pitt County,” medical center president Steve Lawler said on Wednesday.

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smokers have to be really worried if they smoke excessively. The ill effects of smoking has been disused here and you would apparently stop smoking once you go through the article. Government should take adequate steps to limiter the sale of cigarettes. for more information

People that smoke should

People that smoke should Visit http://www.agwtn.com, contact someone from their staff and ask them what kind of health problems does the elder people that used to smoke have. Smoking is the number 1 cause of death worldwide and people should realize that this habit will ruin their lives, hopefully the Pitt County Board of Health members will come with some ingenious ideas that would have a positive impact.

Most smokers may think this

Most smokers may think this tactic is part of a bigger plan that concerns them and expanding the ban. In reality this should give them few things to think about. Smoking is really bad for the health; we all know that by now. There are some revealing articles about that on incentaHEALTH, this resource helped many people reconsider their health options. We’re all responsible for our decisions; smoking responsibly means taking care of those who are sitting next to us.

Because they are young and

Because they are young and maybe they don't know every side effect of smoking cigarettes, they should be taught about these risks. Also, if there are persons who can not quit smoking, for them, the best alternative is to buy a vapor cigarette from http://www.vaporpalace.com/ and use it constantly.

Wake up and smell the secondhand smoke

Smoking kills (over 400,000 Americans a year) and smoking around others is not a right, it's wrong no matter where you are, inside, outside, in Pitt County or California. Most of us know Tobacco was king and contributed much to the growth of this community but it doesn't mean we have to act inconsistent with what we know to be true and good for us in the present.

smoking on sidewalks

I am concerned regarding this e-mail that a facility such as Vidant Medical Center would place a article that infringes on the rights of their patient, patients families and even their employees. As a non-smoker I recognize that in stressful times such as death and illness that smoking may help with coping thru these times. The sidewalk is a well vented area that is reconized as a smoking area for people. I do not believe anyone that is concerned with being around smoke would be in this area. The medical center campus is huge and this is not a health hazard to anyone there. To the people such as Mr.Lawler I believe it is more of a cooperate concern that people are going to stand on the sidewalk and smoke and it is a eyesore to them. The hospital can not enforce the no smoking there so they want someone else to do it. You are not going to stop these people from smoking but you may possible push people to seek care other places that do not believe they have the right to infringe on others rights.

*to vidant--make a smoking

*to vidant--make a smoking room that is well ventilated. play a video that shows what smoking can do to your health. call it a public service teaching room. *a smoker will walk about as far as they need to grab a smoke--even across the street--and may be run over in the process. *no--i don't smoke.

not another law

Just another right being taken away from the public. Next thing will be no more smoking in your own home. Or better yet, no more smoking (inside or outside of your home) within 500 feet of someone's (your neighbors) residence.

Understand the Health Department but

the sidewalks are city property not the hospital. So with that why do you want to do this to invade personal choice? Oh, they can walk across then Stantonsburg to the other side, but either way both side walks are city not Vidant. Get a life, and go after obesity from fast food and big drinks down the road. Hello!!!


Folkes have forgotten how this hospital was built and where .A what tobacco farm and rooms donated by tobacco companies A.C.Monk get over it Board members do ya want to take thier voting right too?

totally agree ..Tobacco built this place and

in years past donated the facilities in the cafeteria years ago. Now remodeled with no plaques stating donated by A.C. Monk. Geez people get a grip... I understand health issue concerns, but don't punish folks when you took the money to build your institution.

*one more way to control. it

*one more way to control. it will not end until we end it. more of our freedoms taken away. keep smoking. i don't think the community will support this one.


“No one expects the police to be writing tickets to enforce this type of rule,” Morrow said. “I would expect it to be self-enforced by the public community, the same way the ordinance prohibiting smoking in restaurants has been. Guests speak up when they see someone light up there, and public opinion and engagement seems to be effective over time." This statement makes no sense.It's the law that people can't smoke in restaurants in NC. That freedom of choice has been taken over by the nanny state. I don't smoke and I hate cigarette smoke, but smokers and business owners should have the right to smoke in an establishment if the owner agrees. Just like I have the right to not patronize these establishments. Stop with the over regulations. What's next, 16oz.sodas? Our liberties are being taken away at an alarming rate.

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