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Voucher legislation sparks suit

By Katherine Ayers

The Daily Reflector

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Two groups dedicated to public school achievement in North Carolina plan to file a lawsuit against the state today.

In a news release, the North Carolina Justice Center and N.C. Association of Public Educators states the Opportunity Scholarship Act passed during the most recent general assembly session is unconstitutional.

The act provides a $4,200 voucher to parents of public school students who want to send their children to a private school.

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*how will we know if vouchers

*how will we know if vouchers will actually be spent on private schools or on boose, drugs or groceries? *don't think private schools will put up with the paper work, common core curriculum, and loss of ability to teach religious concepts if they accept money from the gov. *private schools can keep out troublesome, lazy students with bad attitudes that become discipline problems---which is the greatest reason public school teachers are unable to spend the whole day TEACHING instead of POLICING. *I taught public school for nearly 30 years. if I could afford to put my child in a private school, I would...not because public school teachers are bad, but because public schools are required to accept whatever walks in the door and many of those students are ones who don't want to learn because of poor parenting and will cause problems from day one until they drop out.

Given the state

of the public school system in NC, I would definitely move my child to a private school. Compare the success rates of private schools college admissions with public schools and you will change your children too!

What do the public schools fear?

If the public schools are superior why would anyone leave them for a private school? The best product always sells itself.

No to choice

It is fine for a woman to have the right of choice when considering an abortion. But after the baby is born she should have no choice in where her born child goes to school. Choice is good before you are born. Choice is bad after you are born. Understand now?


I chose to send my children to St. Peter's Catholic School (K - 8). My choice, and I paid the bill. My youngest did not do well there and we had her tested at the end of first grade. She qualified as LD and we moved her into Eastern Elementary where she got daily one-on-one and small group time every afternoon. She thrived and when she graduated fifth grade the teachers named her "co-student of the year". It was not St. Peter's responsibility to provide those services. However, if St. Peter's takes voucher money (they won't because the school is full), tuition tax credits or direct payment, the school becomes a state entity and surrenders control to the Dept. of Education. They will have to provide LD services, their finances will be subject to state audit, their textbooks must conform to state standards and so on and so on. Any private school principal who accepts state money should be fired for stupidity. Look at some of these religious schools who are the targeted recipients. They have eachers with neither accreditation nor background checks (well... they are good Christians so no need to worry that they have a record, right.), no science curriculum (St. Peter's has a strong science curriculum including evolution). Ask the teachers at St. Peter's if they want to teach to the ABC's, the common core curriculum, or whatever it is that is mandated now. You will get a resounding "No!" One teacher even told me that he would go back to construction work first. That's the issue. This is plan by the state to gain control of the private schools.

Lying Pat costing the taxpayers even more......

in legal fees to defend his radical, right wing nut tea party legislation. Can we have a recall vote now? You don't rob $$$ from public schools to subsidize private schools. What a douchebag move

typical poor response to innovation from emily

Emily doesn't understand that the money is going to the people, just like food stamps and other government grants What the people do with it is up to them. If Emily would sell a product- or in this case a service - that people want then they will get the money. If the public schools do not provide the service - which in many cases they are not- then the people have a right to go elsewhere and purchase what they believe is a better service. Vouchers will move forward regardless of this nonsense. Emily, provide a better service!

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