July 22, 2018

Fresh off his “success” in Helsinki helping Vladimir Putin avoid accountability for a host of international crimes, including the attack on our elections in 2016, President Donald Trump now says he plans to invite the Russian leader to the White House this fall.

Trump is already…

The Putin-Trump contract

July 22, 2018

When Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki this week, it might have been useful if they had had a written contract to reference their previous understandings. No such written contract exists, but if it did, it might read like this imaginary July 2016 letter from Putin to Trump:


Trump can shut down Russia critics in one move

July 22, 2018

If President Trump wants to shut down the critics of his performance this week in Helsinki and strengthen U.S. national security, he can do so with one bold move: Announce he is moving out most U.S. forces currently stationed in Germany and sending them to Poland.

The Polish government recently…

The drift of sands in time and space

July 22, 2018

If you spent an afternoon impatiently vacuuming up hundreds of thousands of sand grains from your hair and shoes and are perhaps a little annoyed at their persistence, know that they are grains of history, a long and patient history.

Each one is an artifact, a memento of a long-ago place and time,…