September 25, 2016

The stuff’s all gone now. The lawnmower, the giant workbench, the old leather jacket, the edger. Even the rug the dog peed on was taken. But it’s their shadows that count. 

After a certain age, having a garage sale is a physical and emotional strain. Last week I worked constantly…

Bernstein: Let the debates begin, no referee required

September 25, 2016

Should presidential-debate moderators do double duty as fact-checkers, too? With the first showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump coming up tomorrow at Hofstra University in New York, this argument is hot again.

The answer on this issue may depend on what we think debates are for. If…

The American voter fraud lie

September 25, 2016

How does a lie come to be widely taken as the truth?

The answer is disturbingly simple: Repeat it over and over again. When faced with facts that contradict the lie, repeat it louder.

This, in a nutshell, is the story of claims of voting fraud in America — and particularly of voter…

Lowe: Rape accountability and criminal justice reform

September 25, 2016

There’s a new national headline every week —from Brock Turner in California, to David Becker in Massachusetts, and now, a new case right in our backyard at the University of North Carolina. Stories of rape and sexual assault have taken center stage in the public eye, and it’s an…