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Children at Eastern Elementary School line up in front of the buses as they prepare to board in the parking lot behind the school as classes were released Wednesday afternoon, May 18, 2011.    (Justin Falls/The Daily Reflector)

Justin Falls/The Daily Reflector

Children at Eastern Elementary School line up in front of the buses as they prepare to board in the parking lot behind the school as classes were released Wednesday afternoon, May 18, 2011. (Justin Falls/The Daily Reflector)

Editorial: Agenda hurts education

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Section I, Article 15, of the North Carolina Constitution declares “The people have a right to the privilege of education, and it is the duty of the state to guard and maintain that right.” It is a measure by which lawmakers have for years fallen short, leaving children to fall further behind when compared both nationally and regionally.

This year’s General Assembly threatens to make that bad situation worse with a number of ill-advised initiatives that will divert money away from public schools, robbing local districts of preciously needed funds. The recruitment and retention of talented teachers, the reduction of class sizes and early education programs for low-income children all depend on state funding and a failure to support those efforts does not fullfill the state’s duty under the Constitution.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that North Carolina public schools require their concerted attention. According to the Department of Public Instruction, North Carolina public schools have raised the high school graduation rate and lowered the dropout rate to historic levels, but other numbers are not as rosy.

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Under no circumstances the

Under no circumstances the government should come up with an agenda that might hurt the education sector. Now there have been many positive developments in the field of education. Students could complete their education online. If you want to be a medical assistant then you can find the training program you need for this career at http://www.onlinemedassistantschools.com/.

The government should never

The government should never take any agenda that might hurt the education sector. However, now students can also study online at the online institutes. Not just that at places like http://www.glnconsulting.info/independent-online-consulting-company-educational-service-student-engagement/ the teachers too can find the help they need to teach better.

The education scenario has

The education scenario has been through a lot of changes in recent times, the students have plenty of opportunities available which they should take advantage of. Most courses these days could be done online, for instance, if you are looking for a training institute that offers meisner training Raleigh area then you can find that online.

The government should come up

The government should come up with policies that would help the students find the right support and opportunities. However, now the students also have to be proactive and should also explore opportunities that are available outside their country. For instance, they could opt for youth programs in Los Angeles to find better career opportunities.

Lately, the educational

Lately, the educational system has become a debate subject and the situation doesn't look so good. Until now, the students have suffered the most, probably because they haven't discovered the resources on Edlantis.com yet. A different approach might be exactly what they need to get through this situation.

Something must be done, and

Something must be done, and soon, because our educational system seems to be falling apart, not to mention the students lack of interests towards education. When things will sort out every student should start using an autodesk software in addition to the existing curriculum, it will help them realize how easy education could be.

*the solution of this problem

*the solution of this problem will not begin or end with money being thrown at it. i'm an old retired school teacher and i will tell you exactly what the problem is---PARENTS--OR LACK THEREOF. *PARENTS must teach their children a respect for learning, a respect for their classmates, a respect for teachers and other adults in charge of them, an appreciation and love of the country that gives them the opportunities they have in a free country. they should be taught that doing their best schoolwork is what will make them good, hard-working citizens as an adult. their reward should be praise for doing their best by all adults around them. (and more of the same kind) *they should be taught that nothing comes to anyone without work. this concept may be hard for some parents to teach if the whole family is and has been for years on welfare checks, and a slew of other gov support they have for generations come to rely on. THIS CYCLE MUST BE BROKEN! AMERican folks who work and pay taxes to pay for these programs are getting tired of it. one day the money will run out, then what will those who are dependent on the gov for EVERYTHING do? *PARENTS-- it is up to you. *for parents who think your children aren't aware of where your money comes from?---"well, my mama said she was going to ........when her check comes in from the gov." countless times have i heard this comment. *lb johnson may have thought he was doing public good when he encouraged this program, but what he really did was to enslave you to free gov hand-outs for life robbing you and your children to a live of cradle to grave dependence. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE TO MAKE YOURSELF CRAWL OUT OF THAT GRAVE.

Money Won't Fix Education

People are afraid to say it. It would be the death of any person in politics. School administrators could never say it but, truth be told, the biggest problem in education are the children. They feel entitled, don't want to earn their grades, don't want to push themselves, and they realize that there is no shame in failure. Many parents don't value education so their children place no importance in education. Parents don't want to respect teachers as professionals so their children are taught the same. The governemnt will always make sure I have food, shelter, some money, access to health care, and in the end, even bury me. Education is not important. It's sad but just about every teacher will tell you the same story when asked off the record. I taught middle school for 9 years and was able to walk away from it. The standards have been lowered till they can't be lowered anymore. The demise of the home has led to the demise of education in this country. The breakdown of the family and its core values are not taught to children, as illustrated by the actions of their parents. Don't blame teachers for these problems. Look at society and the problems will hit you square in the face. Fix the home, fix the family, fix the problem. Be accountable for your actions and don't blame anybody but yourself.

What about cuts to athletics?

I have read of all types of horrors these cuts will bring but I have not seen any references to cuts in public school athletic programs. Are athletic programs being cut as well? Will the football teams still play a full schedule? How about basketball? Is that still on? What does the State Constitution say about the spread defense?

we learned that trick....

From Beverly Perdue.

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